Young Classicists: The Golden Age!

6 May 2024

When we received the list of finalists for the Young Classicist Awards we were thrilled and immensely proud, as it was chock full of Conlethian Young Classicists!

And that pride reached hubristic proportions, when our Classics Kids army, 91 hoplites strong, descended upon UCD and carried off the bling, with Fifth Years winning the Senior Classics Gold (The Robin Miller Award) with their ‘Shield of Aeneas’ project, and TY Elsa Boyle’s heartfelt ‘Pompeii Diary’ earning a Bronze in Ancient Languages. We are not sure if you have a titan’s appetite for things classical, but if you do, enough of the tantalising, here are the projects and the highlights of the symposium!

The Projects

Elsa Boyle’s Pompeii Diary

by Charles Latvis

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