24 May 2024

A Class Evening: PPU Honours Shay Keenan, the SCT and Themselves!

7 March 2016

Turns out that this was one of the best behaved PPU Dinners on record. No-one was going to ruin a night whih was dedicated to marking 50 years of service by Shay Keenan and the historic victory by Gav Maguire’ SCT. Shay’s immense contribution to the school (and Leinster sports in general) was recounted with references to his playing, coaching and organising of tennis, basketball and, of course, rugby. It seemed fitting that on a night that marked his 50 years, there was also a celebration of the 2016 Cup victory by Gav Maguire and SCT: Gav, Captain Kevin Dolan and the boys have benefitted from the foundation laid by Shay many years ago. (Don’t forget this Tuesday: The SCT aiming to make more history with a win over Templeogue in the Vinnie Murray Plate Final!).

The night itself was immensely enjoyable: it started for many with individual class reunions at various waterholes in the vicinity. The Hamiltons of Wellington Lane hosted their son Alex and the rest of the class of 2006 for some dignified cocktails and banter and those staff who attended left, having their memory of that year as one of the best vintages of Conlethians, well confirmed. Of course, the craic in the hall itself was mighty and PPU President Donal Milmo-Penny should be proud of the first party on his watch. See the photos below, graciously provided by PA President Paul Allen. Remember both the PPU and the PA are very active on Facebook.

by Charles Latvis

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