Alumni Newsletter 2021- Autumn Edition

St. Conleth’s College Alumni News ISSUE 10/2021

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St Conleth’s Alumni of the month

Alumni of the month is a new series where former students of St. Conleth’s will be interviewed about their time at the school and their chosen career after. We hope that it will be an opportunity to learn from eachother and also explore the individual and shared memories of school days at St. Conleth’s. Our September alumnus is Jack Kirwan (Class of 2014). Since graduating from IADT after studying animation, Jack joined Radii animation and despite the pandemic, has had much career success, including most recently an IFTA for Best Animated Short Film. Read more about Jack’s journey below.

St Conleth's Alumni Abroad … The Wild Geese


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The Fairest of Them All!

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St. Conleth’s Alumni News

St. Conleth’s College Alumni News ISSUE 10/2021

Classical Kellehers!

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Holier Than Now

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Ann Sheppard Takes a Break

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The Artist Formerly Known as Cassia

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