24 May 2024

Conlethians: Here and There!

10 May 2018

Regular readers might surmise that we have no editorial process at all, but St. Conleth’s is such a busy place that we actually do have to sift daily through a pile of news and events, trying to determine what is ‘fit to print’.  

For example, look what happened in and around 28 Clyde Road, just in a couple of days, last week:  

  1. Mark Hainbach,  School Captain of the Class of 1973 and current administrator with the Ballsbridge College of Further Education, visited to give Fifth Year students a careers talk and to chat with his old rugby coach, Mr. Keenan.  
  2. Mr. Bolger’s Geography Second Years (and Trevor’s drone!) helped Ordnance Survey Ireland with mapping Herbert Park
  3. A motley soup of Fifth Years goggled through the window at After-School Study
  4. Juniors photo-bombed Gav’s SCT photoshoot
  5. The girls torched the boys in tag-rugby!
  6. The Friday Champions League entered its crucial stages
  7. Latin Second Years pick their flores like Proserpina and
  8. found some interesting graffiti and
  9. joined with Ms. Leary’s First Class for an impromptu picnic.
  10. Sixth Years practise their graduation song.
  11. Classics kids had a civilised discussion about Hellenistic sculpture.  Busy, busy, busy!  
  12. And this just in off the wire: We previously reported that Ciara MacNally had finished a hard-luck second (by 1 pt) in the Leinster Girls Golf Competition, but due to a correction in the handicap calculation, she has now been declared the winner!

Well done!

by Charles Latvis

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