St.Conleth's College 80 Year Quinquennial

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Jack Kirwan Class of 2014

Jack Kirwan

Class of 2014

Mushroom to Improve!

We are quite fond of twisting the latest news we receive into the corniest headlines, but in this case Third …more

Captains Covid Courageous!

Whom do you trust to lead us from this microviral morass? School Captain Rory Clarke and Vice Captains Evan Power …more

After-School Cool!

What could possibly be better than spending five to six hours in St. Conleth’s Junior School, certainly the coolest private …more

Wish We Could Turn Back Time…

…to the good old days. When we would spend a good portion of Philosophy class admiring a classmate’s precarious coloured …more

Park Life

One good habit that has developed during covidity has been the growth in Conlethian usage of Herbert Park. We had …more

Monkeys go to Uni!

One more bit of ‘results news’: if ‘Monkey (or Piggy) in the Middle’ were an Olympic sport, these boys would …more

Of Points and Plans!

There is nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition, especially when the end result is a shared victory.  On …more

When is Midterm Break?

Actually that favoured retort of the class wit did not pop up this year when the Form Teachers settled in …more

JI’s Smooth Settle!

What… me worry? Well, you naturally do on the first day of school, especially if you are starting Junior Infants… …more