St.Conleth's College 80 Year Quinquennial

News Summary

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Ismail Squashes the Opposition!

Dating from the glory days of Pat McGrath and William Prasifka, St. Conleth’s has always had at least one sneaker …more

Leinster Lioness!

The Toy Show had plenty of adorable kids jumping around the place, emitting affected roars, but there is one St. …more

Cup Courage!

There were two stirring Rugby Cup matches for St. Conleth’s this past week, and both conveyed the same message: the …more

Hoopsters: En Garde!

Never mind all that hoopla! We are still a Fencing School! Claudio Sosa was back on the podium recently- twice! …more

Look What the Tide Dragged In!

Pity the Geographer, for he plows a lonely course as he strides through the sands of time and bends to …more

Double Dribble!

The girls are at it again! U16s and U19s Girls Basketball won the double over Mount Anville: 44-16 and 44-28, …more

The Fairest of Them All!

We love and miss all our alumni: we really do! In fact, some alumni are like certain vintages of wine: …more

Gahan’s Gangstas!

Coach Gahan’s B-Ball Gangsta Girls are off to a fast start with the U16s beating Presentation-Terenure and the U19s getting …more

Exam Schedule and Rules. Yay!

How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat yer meat? Below is your Christmas Exam Schedule and accompanying …more

An Offer We Couldn’t Refuse

St. Conleth’s a Gaelscoil? Well, the other Modern Languages also lay claim to our turf, including a recent arrival: gli …more