St.Conleth's College 80 Year Quinquennial

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Same Old Samhain!

Of course, Halloween blossomed as it always does, as surely as the coloured leaves fall in swirling eddies along Clyde …more


All this Covid paranoia floating through the air, or lying in wait on unsuspecting surfaces, has had some positive side …more

Halloween MMXX

The Halloween franchise of horror movies headed south after II but MMXX threatens to be the scariest of them all! …more

Soccer Stars!

Our legendary Headmaster Kevin Kelleher famously preferred the oblong ball to the round but his comments about soccer and its …more

The Life in a Day

One of the few places where there is any life these days is in our schools, and we are not …more

Young Masters

Thankfully, the latest lockdown does not include the closing of schools, but even if the Covid czars deemed it necessary, …more

Covid Blues?

Yes, we are all singing that sad little song, but one way to change the tune is to understand the …more

Hightower Transmissions!

Louis Magee, a friendly giant but tough training taskmaster, has added to his already formidable duties as Head of Junior …more

Old Boy Brings The Skills!

At a special SCT training session, Junior School Past Pupil Callum Dowling joined Coaches Louis and Mr. Morris to pass …more

The O Dulaing Visits The O Rahilly

Sing of the O Rahilly! Do not deny his right;Sing a ‘the’ before his name;Allow that he, despiteAll those learned …more