St.Conleth's College 80 Year Quinquennial

News Summary

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Home and Away!

Well, Summer Bay may still be out of reach, but No. 28 Clyde Road is within sight! In fact, our …more

Mind Full?

For the last year or so, most of us have had much less ‘to do’, at least, of the fun …more

Are They Up for the Challenge?

‘My Pet vs. Yours’ enters its second week with new challenges for both dogs and cats… and their owners! Actually, …more

Ah, Pet…

Like our children, most of the time, we all love our pets and we all think they are the best. …more

And Then There Were Six…

Do you remember the US Presidential Election in 2000, when the Democrats dragged out the process with innumerable court cases …more

Local Legend

Actually, Mr. Kevin Kelleher, St. Conleth’s esteemed (and dearly missed) former headmaster and principal, is famous on a national and …more

The HeArt of Nature

We have been saving this one for a while but with Spring now in full flow we had better take …more

About Those Mocks…

Word is just in from the Principal that the Leaving Certificate Mock Exams will just not be happening this year. …more

Baker’s Dozen… +1!

Hexofinals? We are not quite sure what to call the final 14 in the Great Bake-Off competition but it seems …more

Mocks… and We Mean It This Time!

Well, things are getting a little clearer… so we issue the following adjusted LC Mock Exam Schedule with a good …more