St.Conleth's College 80 Year Quinquennial

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TY in a Trying Time

There were many contestants in the misery olympics this past year, and to be honest, quite a few had authentic …more

Afterschool: Last Looks!

Unfortunately, the last gasps of that dying virus will keep St. Conleth’s College a bit quieter these summer months as …more

My Kid is on the Honor Roll

No, we are not quite yet American enough to adorn our car’s rear bumper with stickers declaring the beatification or …more

Junior June Jumble!

We admitted that we had neglected the term-ending goings-on in the Junior School while busy calculating LC grades (with aid …more

A New, True Conlethian Legacy

The front steps of No. 28 Clyde Road have always been a favourite spot for the photographic capture of significant …more

A Different Class! X 2!

The St. Conleth’s College Graduating Classes of 2020 and 2021 will always be linked by their shared experience of the …more

Catherine Caught Them All!

It is never easy following older siblings into a school: teachers invariably make repeated, glowing references to the senior members …more

Great Sports!

We have to admit that we recently been neglectful of our Junior brothers and sisters in the St. Conleth’s family, …more

Doctors in the House!

Worried about post-Covid Ireland’s health and all those waiting lists that have trebled during the lockdowns? Don’t be! For two …more

Classics Kids Got Talent!

Yes, we may argue endlessly in our Classics classes about the accurate modern equivalent value of a talent. that ancient …more