St.Conleth's College 80 Year Quinquennial

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Kodachrome Crunch!

Kodachrome Crunch!

We are not sure where Junior parent Cahir Davitt found the snippet of sunshine to snap this vibrant photos, but …more

Toi Story

Toi Harada, a visiting Fifth Year student from Japan, is heading home but in his short time here, he made …more

Have Gumshield: Will Travel!

Have Gumshield: Will Travel!

On the road again! In one day, Junior Sport Honcho Louis Magee visited Willow, St. Michael’s and St. Mary’s to …more

Revenge of the Nerds!

Revenge of the Nerds!

How do you match the dizzying heights (and widths and perimeters) of Maths Week?  Well, follow it up with mathematics’ …more

Maggie’s Classics Coup!

Conlethian alumna Maggie Tighe (Class of 2019) was recently presented with one of the most selective and competitive international academic …more

Whole Child, Inc.

You get the occasional teacher complaining about missing classes (we, the notable and enthusiastic exception!), but there is plenty of …more

St. Louis Magee?

Is bilocation still a qualification for sainthood?  In the hagiography of St. Conleth’s, it is!  In one day, Junior Sport …more

An Early Christmas Present: Exams!

Only Lidl gets rolling with the Christmas season earlier than us, thanks to Ms. Killen and Ms. Hopkins! Here are …more

Debs’ Style and Substance!

We expected nattily dressed gentlemen and girls in gorgeous gowns and we were certainly knocked out with the style, but we …more

Last Gasp!

Last Gasp!

First Year Art Students enjoyed the ‘Zombie Doubles’ so much, they asked for the rest. Enjoy them and get ready …more