St.Conleth's College 80 Year Quinquennial

News Summary

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Mr. Lonergan is far from a high priest of the new religion of Covid Compliance, but like all staff at …more

A Fine Fibonaccian Feat!

Don’t forget that Junior School Principal Tony Kilcommons is also half of the Sixth Form class teacher dynamic duo, along …more

Gaeilge Gravy!

We all know about the 10% ‘extra’ you get on the Leaving Certificate for completing your exams; the ten points …more

Cool Covid Cuts!

Lockdown has taught us many lessons; probably the most positive and important one is to cherish what is really important …more

Many Happy Returns!

We had almost full attendance, nigh 100%, throughout the Senior School this past Monday. We figure this rare feat was …more

Marvellous Maude!

After weeks, nay, months of baking, tasting, deliberating and speechifying by the First Year Form teachers, we finally have a …more

They Come from the Land of the Ice and Snow!

Actually, they come from St. Conleth’s Junior School! Yes, Sixth Former Harry Groarke (and his clan) are certified celluloid vikings! …more

Adam Upstages Bunny!

Who needs the Easter Bunny? Is he not just a leporine American capitalist tool? And what kind of bunny lays …more

It’s All Greek to Them!

Just before the break, Classics V (and special guests) celebrated Easter and the Ancient Greek springtime festival of Anthesteria with …more

Move Over, Avoca!

Yes, the votes are in and the announcement of the winner is pending… but, meanwhile, have a look at the …more