St.Conleth's College 80 Year Quinquennial

News Summary

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Serving the Net!

Junior School Head of Sport Louis Magee was not going to let the Seniors grab all the tennis headlines! And …more


Mr. Lonergan was at it again: galvanising his students to get out of their screens and off their butts to …more

Point of Information… and Celebration!

We were a bit hasty when we declared ‘the end of the debate’ a few days back… we have one …more

Tennis Team Triumphant!

St. Conleth’s Boys are Division 3 Junior Tennis Champions! They beat Ard Scoil Ris 3-2 in a tense final. Captained …more

The End of the Debate

‘I have two points, sir…’ Only two… are you sure, Leo? It is with great ambivalence that teachers face the …more

OK, Zoomers!

“Anyone remember ‘The Taz‘?” Our attempts at humorous nostalgia at break-time in the staffroom are now often met with stony …more

Somebody Call the Cops!

Ms. Halpin had the TYs doing ‘Street Art’ in the alley behind the school, making use of some extra spray …more

Soccer Stars!

The clouds parted, the sun shone and the kids came out to play! The Junior School had their annual Football …more

No Glamping Allowed!

Yes, for some, camping ain’t what it used to be: comfy, designer yurts, feathered pillows, gourmet meals… ‘glamping’ is all …more

St. Conleth’s Going GAA-Ga!

Older alumni may be able to confirm this, but the story is that Mr. Kelleher (‘Mr. St. Conleth’s’) was not …more