St.Conleth's College 80 Year Quinquennial

News Summary

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Run Free!

In Mr. Lonergan’s native Tipp, the lambs will soon be gambling around the pastures green, and nothing can better warm …more

Episode I: The Mock Exams

Every great work needs its prequel!  Just see (or click) below for the full timetable for this year’s Junior and …more

St. Conleth’s International

We have a long tradition at St. Conleth’s of welcoming students from all over the world and immersing them into …more

Gav, We Are So TYred!

Just what were the Transition Years up to in recent weeks as the rest of the students took their exams …more

Yuletide App-less Fun!

No, there is no ‘app’ for Afterschool! All participants in Cecilia Franken’s fun-filled festival of freedom must use their own …more

Sticks and Style!

A good news story to start the year and the return to school: Ms. Speller’s and Ms. Handley’s hockey hordes …more

Io, Saturnalia!

Yes, Jesus’s arrival was the game-changer, and Christmas and Easter are holy days of a different class, but in the …more

Christmas Capers and Cuddles!

Sadly, there was no Howe/Hartnett Whole Junior School Christmas Spectacular on the stage this year, so teachers had to work …more

Christmas Crooners and….KERRANG!

No, it was not the usual wholesome, whole-school Christmas Concert experience but Mr. ODulaing, Mr. Seamus Gallagher and Music Maestro …more

Christmas with the Kooks!

Ms. Speller and Mr. Lonergan were not going to let covidaphobia cancel Christmas for our kids! After the cinema trip …more