St.Conleth's College 80 Year Quinquennial

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Art Matters

We, the skeleton crew of the good ship St. Conleth’s, just welcomed the State Examiners Commission’s Junior Cycle Art Examiner …more

No Buzz Aldrins Here!

Everyone likes to win but sometimes, especially in Ireland, we have a difficulty in recognising and applauding excellence. We prefer …more

When The Music Is Over…

…but at St. Conleth’s, the music is never over! Okay, we planned on providing you with a full 4K Super …more

Alternate Power

On Monday, June 27th, at about 17:03, upon the completion of the Leaving Certificate Latin Exam, a quiet will descend …more

Cool Classics Kids!

Cool Classics Kids!

We foretold the impending godhood of one Turlough Dineen below, and, it turns out, that we were as prophetic as …more



Desk Clearing Time: What else did we do in those hectic last days of term? Well, Head of Sport, Fun …more

They’re Here!

They’re here! JC & LC start tomorrow. Leave your bags in Room 3. Study Rooms are 4 (LC) & 5 …more

Juniors Take Centre Stage!

With our Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate students finally hitting the books with gusto, our un-undead TYs working on their …more

TY: Full of Life!

We were planning on making jokes about Gav, and many of the TYs, ‘method acting’ all year long for 10 …more

What’s the Story?

Before there were looped videos of campfires on Youtube, there were real campfires. Before there were podcasts, there were real …more