Small enough to care, large enough to challenge.”

St. Conleth’s College is a private Catholic Co-educational day school in the heart of Dublin 4. There are currently 321 pupils in the Senior School, 101 in the Junior School and 49 in the Preparatory School. St. Conleth’s College was founded in 1939 by Bernard Sheppard. For over eighty years, it has continued and expanded upon its founder’s vision: to encourage the educational development of the child and fulfil the pastoral role inspired by the school’s patron: St. Conleth, a Sixth Century saint and ‘moulder of precious metals.’ From Junior Infants to the Leaving Certificate, pupils at St. Conleth’s benefit from a rare melding of tradition and innovation which enables them to remain well-grounded yet adaptive to a changing world.

Tony Kilcommons

At St. Conleth’s College the students benefit from:
  • small class sizes
  • a long-established reputation for moulding well-rounded, confident and competent pupils
  • a safe, secure place where routine and order co-exist with the imagination and creativity
  • an environment where academic excellence is holistically promoted and achieved, and each pupil is encouraged and enabled to reach their own academic potential
  • the nurturing of athletic, debating, musical and artistic skills and their further development in friendly competition
  • a school community which emphasises education as a tripartite dynamic: pupil, teacher and parent
  • an ethos which is centred on respect for one-self and others, and encourages an active engagement with the wider, local community

School Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement expresses our ethos and underpins all what we do in St. Conleth’s.

The school seeks to provide a fully rounded Catholic education for all of its students by:

  • creating a happy, healthy and safe environment in which all students may develop their own personal gifts and interests, be valued for who they are, and experience true equality amongst themselves
  • celebrating and deepening our Catholic faith through prayer, liturgy, religion classes, and the general fostering of Christian values
  • providing a disciplined environment in which teaching and learning can take place in a spirit of co-operation
  • promoting academic excellence and habits of perseverance in students
  • equipping students with the necessary moral, social and cultural qualities useful for adult life, and offering them guidance regarding their future role and career in society
  • fostering dignity in the workplace and encouraging respect among, and between, teachers, staff and students
  • ensuring that students and staff of other churches and faiths are respected and encouraged in their religious beliefs and practices,
  • respecting students and staff who follow other beliefs and philosophies, and with whom we share common values of equality, peace, justice, dialogue and concern for the less fortunate members of society
  • creating a sense of belonging to our local Parish, and also to the wider community around us and in countries of the developing world, and encouraging our students’ involvement in social and religious activities

Ethos and Religion

Naoṁ Conlaeḋ – Saint Conleth icon
Naoṁ Conlaeḋ – Saint Conleth

Imbued with the Christian values of its founding family, religious instruction in St. Conleth’s College follows the Catholic programme and the Christian ethos is seen and felt in everything we do. The ethos is reflected in pastoral care that provides for the needs of young people at each stage of their development and promotes a sense of care and responsibility to one another and the wider community. The majority of our students come from Catholic backgrounds, but those of different denominations, faiths and philosophies have found their experience at St. Conleth’s  to be both spiritually and culturally welcoming.  Willing candidates are prepared for First Holy Communion and Confirmation. Children of all faiths and none are welcomed and seamlessly integrated into the school community.

Ag Críost an síol             Christ’s is the Seed
Ag Críost an fómhar        Christ’s is the Harvest
I-niothalainn dé               Into God’s barn
go dtugtar sinn                May we be brought.

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