20 April 2024

Young Classicists, Assemble!

26 March 2024

Just in case there is some down time over this break and your Classics-taking child is complaining about being bored… encourage them to take part in this year’s Young Classicists Symposium and Awards!  (Details have been emailed to students and parents.) We have won several awards at this competition in recent years, and it is great fun, regardless of podium finish.  Past projects include slide-shows, comics, posters, paintings, sculptures, food, songs and short movies… see below for examples!  We encourage all to take part, as individuals or small groups, but all Classics students will be attending the event at UCD on April 30th, regardless of entry (except for TYs, who must either enter the competition (upgraded Pompeii Diaries will do!) or be signed up for LC Classics).  It is especially useful for the younger classes as practice for the CBAs and the LC students, as preparation for their research project. One tricky requirement is that the project must be related to a UN Sustainable Development Goal.  Projects are to be emailed to their class teacher by April 8th, as the teachers will then decide which ones get forwarded to the national competition (we will have our own awards, too!). So, like Daedalus, create!

The Temple Bards (Silver Medal)

Abby Crowley’s Theseus/Peanuts Mash-Up! (Silver Medal)

The Gangsta’ Odyssey

The Odyssey Song

And a mix of Past Projects…

by Charles Latvis

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