Who’s In The House?

5 October 2023

Who’s in the house? Well, we know now! St. Conleth’s launched its House System to great buzz, fanfare and fun. Wear your badges proudly: Houses of Sheppard, Kelleher, Crean and Robinson! It started in the hall with a bit of speechifying by the House Heads (a bit too much, in one case!) and then the dramatic ‘sorting’ of students into their houses, with some closing words by the only person who can claim residency in two of the houses: Ann Sheppard, former teacher, principal and CEO, and essential member of both of our foundational clans, the Sheppards and the Kellehers. This document explains the heritage of those two ‘in-house’ houses, as well as those of Crean, Heaney and Robinson. In the afternoon, there was ‘house building’ in Herbert Park, where everyone got to know their new housemates and compete in a special scavenger hunt (evidence below!). Well done to the students, especially the Sixth Year leaders, and to Mr. Weldon, the grand architect of our new housing development!

The House Crests

The Sorting

Building Shapes (and Throwing)

Reflections on House Building

House Shadows

by Charles Latvis

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