To Heaven… in Connacht!

Ever since the Third Years had a ‘rad’ time surfing in Achill way back in October, the First and Second Years have been pushing for their own ‘adventure time’… and over the last couple of weeks, they certainly got it! Both year groups headed west, and though, historically, the wild lands beyond the Shannon were considered a place of banishment, now the West has risen in our estimations, and it is a place of healthy, fresh air adventure and camaraderie-building challenges. We booked two centres on the Wild Atlantic Way, Killary and Delphi, near the historic village of Leenane, and though some courting may have been going on, on the sidelines, the emphasis of the two night, three day stays was on good, clean, outdoor fun. How jealous the rest of us were of the teachers who were chosen to accompany the boys and girls! Enjoy the photos below!

Second Years

Different Drummers

Social Climbers

Rambo Time!

Gav Cam (and Friends)

First Years