They Grow Up So Fast!

11 April 2024

Let’s face it: Second Year is tough on teachers, parents and, sometimes, on Second Years, themselves. The eager beaver smiles and lamb-gamboling energy of First Year have been altered by the inescapable tide of hormones and now we have some new kind of dangerous creature leering up at us from behind their Chromebooks: teenagers! Well, happily we can report that the new cologne they are all wearing, Insouciance, is easily blown away… in this case by the spring zephyrs coming off Killary Harbour! And it turns out that, once they are suitably disarmed, these Second Years are the same sweet kids they have always been! At least that’s the sentiments which Ms. Crowley, Mr. Smith and Mr. O’Neill sent back with the following photos. Of course, Stockholm Syndrome is always a possibility, but judging from the smiles and the stories, our Second Years did us, and themselves, proud!

by Charles Latvis

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