12 July 2024

The Fairest of Them All!

24 November 2021

We love and miss all our alumni: we really do! In fact, some alumni are like certain vintages of wine: they take time to mature, and what we thought rather brash and bold back in the day, turns out to be mellow and deep when unearthed anew. And, yes, some just turn to vinegar… but if they pay for the PPU Dinner in advance and keep their hands off our Modern Languages staff, we are all good! The subject of this tribute, Michael Li, is clearly not from either of those groups: from the first day he crossed the threshold of No. 28, Clyde Road, Michael has exhibited the honest effort, open personality and good will and humour which made him the quintessential Conlethian, and a sorely missed ray of light in these somewhat darker, unfriendlier times. One of things we look forward to most, when this iron curtain is finally lifted, is Michael dropping by… with a pack full of pastries!

Yes, Michael has taken on the honourable mantle of the pastry chef, as well as kitchen management, graduating recently with a Distinction from the TUI. Now he is training to be a pastry manager in the Donnybrook Fair chain, making another happy connection with St. Conleth’s: the chain’s founding family are the Doyles and we have fond memories of Joe, Hugh and Stephen, as well as their parents, who are still strong supporters of St. Conleth’s and were the hosts of a very enjoyable Captain’s Party somewhere back in the mists of Wicklow and time. We caught up with Michael recently in Malahide, but he has also been spotted in the Greystones DF and in Donnybrook, the original, but the exciting news is that he takes up his new post in the Dundrum Town Centre on December 3rd when Donnybrook Fair have their grand opening, there. Stop by for a glass of Prosecco or a dainty pastry, and the boost of bonhomie that one always gets when chatting to the one and only Michael Li!

by Charles Latvis

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