Tennis… Everyone!

‘You cannot be serious!’ but, yes, we are! The Senior Girls Tennis Team’s success a few weeks back seems to have inspired a full scale tennis riot at St. Conleth’s and the hockey and the rugby and the basketball coaches are getting worried… who is to credit (or blame)? Well Mr. Keenan, for one, for starting the tennis craze at St. Conleth’s, and keeping it going through the generations, and Mr. Lonergan for taking up the racquet these last few years… but, wait, who is that, standing and smiling slyly in the dappled shadows of the tree-lined Herbert Park courts? Why, it is none other than Sixth Year Ryan MacDonnell, who has persevered over the years with his love for the gentleman’s game, played by gentlemen (and ladies). Like Richard Milhous in ’72, Ryan lay low, bided his time and now his moment has come… and St. Conleth’s is storming the nets! Ryan’s own Senior Boys have battled mightily and the Minor Boys just finished their season top of their league group!