Style and Substance

12 October 2023

The prints are finally back from The Photoshop, so now we can fully share with you the highlights of our Class of 2023 pre-debs reception. The high style was matched only by the good humour and sincere affection for a group of young men and women of whom we are so proud.

The Couples


The couples certainly looked cute and cuddly but so did this clutch of the most eligible bachelors in Dublin 4!

The Most Eligible Bachelors in D4 (and Cavan)

And even the parents and teachers were allowed to share in a tipple or two… and only rightfully, after the investment they made in this group. Thankfully, every penny and every effort paid off handsomely in the end! Of course, these affairs, these days, are more are about celebrating friendship than just for those ‘going out’… and ‘friends’ is what St. Conleth’s is all about!




by Charles Latvis

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