Squires, Arise!

28 September 2023

You know you are teaching in a good school when your biggest problem, when on lunch duty patrol, is breaking up illicit chess games in restricted areas of the campus. We once caught a younger Wang and Waldron trading pieces perched on the water tank in the attic…which might relate to our recent water issues but definitely explains our persistent excellence at chess! Fifth Year Yubo Wang (going 4-0!) shook off a nagging training ground injury to lead the St. Conleth’s chess teams in a remarkable performance at the St. Andrew’s Chess Tournament, with his team (Zach Waldron (3-1!), Joe Kelleher (2-2), James Power) finishing 7th in a field of 103. And the future is also promising! Our School Fitness Trainer, Jack Grant, has brought in a specialised ‘Chess Regimen’ (lots of ‘grip strengthening’) and it is already paying dividends in the field, as our First and Second Year teams punched (and checked) above their weight. Well done to Second Years Yanbo Yu, Hugo Harrington, Aneesh Garg and Matthew Conellan. And our First Year Team of Parson Yu, Rohan Flynn and The Dynamic Davitt Duo of Martin and Michael sent tremors across the Leinster Chess landscape and a clear message: St. Conleth’s Chess dominion is not en passant!

by Charles Latvis

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