SnaG: Achoimre!

1 April 2024

With the opinion polls forecasting a green wave in the next election, and our local Anglo-Irish street signs looking increasingly fragile, we figured this might one our last chance to trot out our tried, tired and true Seachtain na Gaeilge wrap-up!

Shhhh… do yo hear that? It’s Arthur Wellesley, The First Duke of Wellington, rolling in his grave! Why? Because, during Seachtain na Gaeilge, even a school which lies at the top of Waterloo, Wellington and Clyde Roads is very proud to come out ‘all Irish’!  Not that our Irish Department has ever been shy about celebrating our native language and heritage: for years St. Conleth’s múinteoirí Gaeilge have been providing enough ceol agus craic to fill the whole school year, let alone just a double-seachtaine, but they certainly déan a ndícheall in the wake of St. Patrick’s Day! Fay and Alonso and O’Dulaing (x2) are the MacDonagh and MacBride and Connolly and Pearse of St. Conleth’s (without the bloody end!) and they have crammed i bhfad níos mó into 28 Clyde Road, turning it into the Gaeltacht is galánta this side of Carna!

So, what was on the green agenda? There was the traditional poc fada at Herbert Park, a noted gathering spot for dangerous Fenians. TYs and First Years also had their very own céilí, learning both new and traditional dances with prizes for best dancers and singers.  There was a Tráth Na gCeist, answering (sometimes hilariously) about everything Irish from the Erskine Childers to Eskimo Supreme, and plenty of Tae agus Comhrá. And First And Second Years worked hard on a poster competition to do with Seanfhocail (Old Irish Sayings). Some of these pieces are now hung around the school to promote the Irish language. Well, the leprechauns in the school dark room have been working non-stop, so busy have our múinteoirí Gaeilge been, but all the photographs have now been developed. Enjoy!


Poc Fada!

Tae agus Plae!

by Charles Latvis

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