24 May 2024

See You Next… Week?

8 January 2023

We enjoyed the lighthearted but pointed comment by our local parish priest when he jested that there would be better seats available for Mass on the Sunday after Christmas if we cared to come back, and though he did blunt the barb with an honest appreciation for even seasonal attendance, he would definitely take heart if he heard what Mr. Lonergan and a horde of student volunteers were up to last Friday. They went to Mass. Again. No Christmas or Easter flash, no free ashes or palms… just Mass. And that was enough. It was the Feast of The Epiphany, a Holy Day of Obligation, and Mr. Lonergan and company came back to school, having absorbed the grace and the message and glowing with the shared experience. Putting our ethos into action.

by Charles Latvis

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