11 December 2023

Senior Transition Year

9 April 2023

Transition Year at St. Conleth’s is part of our Senior Cycle and is a mandatory growing space and time for our girls and boys en route to being young adults. Our TY Programme encompasses all areas of personal development, from the charitable through the athletic to the cultural, as well as continuing the academic and intellectual growth of our students, as they sample all the available Leaving Certificate subjects and make well-guided choices in accordance with our strengths-based educational philosophy.

At St. Conleth’s we do not believe that the mind should sleep during Transition Year! A dedicated TY Co-ordinator organises a team of teachers and adjunct professionals who lead the students through a demanding but exhilarating curriculum of subject-specific project work, real-life and work experiences and the individually tailored Gaisce programme. A TY day may also include a bit of Mandarin Chinese and cooking in the morning, sailing and photography in the afternoon, and practice for the year-end musical at day’s end. No two students are alike and this is especially true when it comes to determining courses and activities for Transition Year. Our TY Programme has the correct blend of variety and depth, which enables every student to fulfil their potential in this important year of transition.

  • SciFest and Young Scientist competition
  • Aptitude testing and career guidance
  • Community Work
  • ‘Mindfulness’, mental and personal health seminars
  • Carlingford Adventure Centre
  • Sailing
  • Drama
  • Law
  • First Aid
  • Latin (optional)
  • Christmas Fair and Carols
  • Build-a-Bank programme
  • Storytelling with St. Bridget’s NS
  • Photography
  • Self-Defence
  • Gaisce Award
  • TY Musical
  • ‘Know your Dublin’ educational outings
  • Overseas Expedition (optional)
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