Senior International

29 November 2023

International students are central to the St Conleth’s experience. Every year we welcome a cohort of students from a variety of countries such as Spain, Chile, Mexico, France, Italy, Japan and Argentina. These students decide to stay with us for up to a year, for the ultimate full immersion experience. They don’t have their parents with them; they come by themselves and travel thousands of miles to experience a new language and a new culture. So we greatly admire their courage and independence and thank them for choosing St Conleth’s and share this life changing adventure with us. They trust us to look after their well being and their daily needs and we enjoy observing their great motivation to learn and become part of the Conleth’s family.

Barely a week after arriving, our international guests are socialising with their new classmates. The homely size of St Conleth’s makes it very easy to make friends and to feel part of a tight community that soon becomes a second home.

We have established a great rapport of collaboration with the Dublin based Language School Living Language and with the agency Rockbrook International, with which we have been working for over 10 years. Our working relationship keeps improving as we meet the needs of the students whom we host. 

We as a school also facilitate the search for host families as we have a very good relationship with our students’ parents. 

St Conleth’s prides itself on their international guests who never really leave us: they always take a token of appreciation from us and remain in contact with the friends they make over the year.

Chiara Crowley
International Students Co-ordinator

by crimmins

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