24 May 2024

Senior Extra-Curricular

31 August 2023

Our timetable may say school starts at 8:30am and ends at 3:20pm, but every day of the week there is some sporting or other activity available. Our teachers and students do not always immediately head for door when that bell rings, and learning does not start and stop at the classroom door. There are plenty of extra- and cross-curricular events during the year to keep you busy.  Our Debating Society is one of our proudest and most accomplished institutions and both intra and inter-school debates are participated in with a fervour and devotion not seen since days of Cicero.

Our Chess Club meets at lunchtime every Tuesday and their furious chessboard feints and forays hone their talent for inter-school competition in the toughest league in the country.  Student-performed music is the permanent soundtrack to the daily life of the St. Conleth’s community.

The School Choir practices one lunchtime each week, preparing for performances at our many assemblies, masses and celebrations.  Sometimes it seems like every student at St. Conleth’s is a ‘drama kid’ but we mean that in the most positive sense: the Drama Club, which meets each Monday, under the tutelage of Simon Toal, a professional actor and the biggest drama kid of them all! 

And, to balance fun with the books, After-School and Night Study provide the opportunity for students to work and study quietly in a secure, supervised environment. 

by crimmins

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