24 May 2024

Specialised Subjects

29 August 2023

In addition to their core curriculum, St. Conleth’s students benefit from receiving targeted teaching through our dedicated team of Specialised Teachers in the areas of Art, Music, Drama, Physical Education, Mindfulness, French, Computers and Debating.

In Art Class, Ms. Mellon’s employs her professional expertise to encourage the students to express themselves through classroom discussions, drawing, painting and colouring, printing, working with fabric, design and 3D construction.

Our renowned Music and Drama teachers, Emer Hartnett and Pat Howe work separately in the classroom to encourage participation , creativity and performance, and together on the school stage to forge our student musical spectaculars.

Our Physical Education and Mindfulness teachers Louis Magee and Shay Keenan make sure that the body, as well as the mind, is catered to!  Myriad learning opportunities through the medium of movement contribute to the students’ overall development by helping them to lead full, active and healthy lives.

Flore Dion’s French lessons develop students’ communicative skills through exposure to French songs and rhymes, role playing scenarios, texts and culture. 

Mike Travers’s Computer lessons at St. Conleth’s incorporate the creative use of modern technology to increase our student’s ability to learn about, with and through ICT. 

‘St. Conleth’s’ been a byword for excellence in Schools Debating for decadesand our domination of the Irish secondary school debating scene is based on early encouragement and keen competition in the Junior School, fostered by renowned international collegiate debaters.

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