24 May 2024

Ethos and Religion

7 March 2023
Naoṁ Conlaeḋ – Saint Conleth icon
Naoṁ Conlaeḋ – Saint Conleth

Imbued with the Christian values of its founding family, religious instruction in St. Conleth’s College follows the Catholic programme and the Christian ethos is seen and felt in everything we do. The ethos is reflected in pastoral care that provides for the needs of young people at each stage of their development and promotes a sense of care and responsibility to one another and the wider community. The majority of our students come from Catholic backgrounds, but those of different denominations, faiths and philosophies have found their experience at St. Conleth’s  to be both spiritually and culturally welcoming.  Willing candidates are prepared for First Holy Communion and Confirmation. Children of all faiths and none are welcomed and seamlessly integrated into the school community.

Ag Críost an síol             Christ’s is the Seed
Ag Críost an fómhar        Christ’s is the Harvest
I-niothalainn dé               Into God’s barn
go dtugtar sinn                May we be brought.

by crimmins

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