24 May 2024

Sailors and Gentlemen

23 April 2024

Another great day in the long, storied history of St. Conleth’s sailing, but also a tough one. At the Leinster Sailing Schools Final, the Conlethian team made it to the semis, slipping to fourth at the last wave. Competition was fierce. With a delay of two hours at the beginning of the day, the pressure was on for the race team to have fair racing for all teams. The wind came in beautifully, as did the sunshine. There were 32 races in the rounds and St. Conleth’s were unbeaten going into the semis. They raced St. Michaels and Mount Anville and sailed well but were beaten in a highly competitive fleet. The boys were gutted because they had beaten the overall winners, St. Andrew’s 1, in an earlier round. It really could have been anyone’s title with tight margins and a good-natured but very competitive atmosphere. Our team kept their chins up and were exceptionally courteous to the winners, as expected from Conlethian sportsmen. St. Conleth’s (still, the All-Ireland title holders) now qualify along with the top five Leinster teams to defend their title in Bantry on 4/5th May.

The team: Helms- Russell Bolger Captain 6th Yr.; Daniel O’Connor 6th; Crew: James O’Kelly TY, Louis McGovern 6th, Peter Murphy 3rd, Harry Cooper Reid 6th. Thanks to Mrs. Bolger for organising and reporting!

by Charles Latvis

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