Rocket Boys (and Girls)!

21 November 2023

First Year embraced the spirit of Science Week and, inspired by Messrs. Callaghan, Carvill and Musk, designed, built and launched rockets of various shapes, sizes and aerodynamics! It is rumoured that the US Embassy even sent a helicopter to check things out, such was the pyrotechnics taking place in Herbert Park!

The competition was enjoyable yet fierce and the wannabe engineers produced an impressive array of air and water powered projectiles. It yielded two winning groups and two runner-ups. Winners for “Highest Flyer” were Bert and Thomas. Winners for “Best Design” went to Elsie and Chloe. The runners-ups included an innovative spiraling rocket by Jack, Edouard & Matthew. Tanya, Eman, Finn, Ivy & Vita didn’t forget about their rocket’s safe landing by adding a parachute which deployed on freefall. Our futures are in safe hands with the talents on display!

by Charles Latvis

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