Pliny the…

29 April 2024

…Younger! Yes, Pliny the Elder, the Commodore of the Imperial Roman Fleet based at Misenum, was the famous eye witness to the Vesuvius eruption in 79 AD, but it was Pliny the Younger who actually wrote the letters that preserved that memory, and was the answer to question XXXIV in the Ides of March (and April) Classics Teachers Table Quiz last week. Well, our ‘leading ‘Olympian’ team of Lochlan Flynn, Turlough Dineen, Donnacha Reilly and Isobel Solan knew that answer and many more: in fact, they were correct on 37 out of 40 classical ‘trivia’ questions but, alas, they were edged out by Tom ‘Xerxes’ Giblin’s returning champion St. Mary’s Drogheda ‘Titans’ who scored an impossible 40/40. Well done to our silver-winning Olympians and the whole phalanx of Classics enthusiasts. Stay tuned… the Young Classicist Symposium is up next!

by Charles Latvis

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