26 May 2024

Peru: The Sequel!

3 May 2021

Can it really be twenty years ago that Dr. Garrett Campbell, full-time Physics teacher and part-time adventurer, took a group of eager, naive Conlethians halfway across the world to Peru and the experience of a lifetime? Seems like yesterday to some of us, but the world has changed immeasurably since then, including the concept of school trips. In 2000, most school outings were just to the zoo or the box factory, but St. Conleth’s had already established a traction of foreign travel with Paris, Barcelona and Rome regular destinations, and one memorable trip to Russia where Peter Gallagher single-handedly jumpstarted glasnost.

The Peru trip was different: a proper expedition where derring-do and good-doing combined in a new concept. Other schools have since jumped on the bandwagon, but Gav Maguire and Dolores Kelly, Garrett’s heirs, have perfected the concept and practice of school expeditions. Over the years, this dashing duo have accompanied Conlethians to Mongolia, India and Africa, multiple times, and each journey has changed the travellers for the better and even left some good behind. And, now, Gav and Co. are going back to Peru! As Gav describes the pending adventure himself:

The present 3rd and 4th years will be heading to Peru on an expedition in June 2022. Students and parents were informed last night about the 3 week expedition where we will be trekking along Inca trails and visiting Machu Picchu.  While on expedition students are in charge of the expedition. They have control over the budget, itinerary, transport and accomodation. 
The expedition involves a trek and community service. The school will be working with True Adventures to deliver this once in a lifetime expedition. 

Enjoy the pics above of expeditions past and Gav’s comprehensive write-up here, but also look at what is in store for the Conlethians taking part in Peru 2022!

by Charles Latvis

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