20 June 2024

Of Points and Plans!

7 September 2021

There is nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition, especially when the end result is a shared victory.  On Leaving Certificate Results Day, in a sense, everyone is a winner as everyone gets that piece of paper which serves as a key in unlocking their future.  Obviously, there is always a range of results and myriad paths forward.  We congratulate all of the Class of 2021 for working to the best of their abilities and responding so well to challenges posed by the Covid contingencies.  We particularly congratulate Dylan Alves, Ted O’Kelly and Sophie Lee, who all managed to garnish the full quota of 625 points on offer and finish in a draw atop the class and the nation.  These perfect scholars, but also perfect gentlemen and lady, will be headed where they want to go come late September, as will the rest of our recent graduates and we wish them all well at university and beyond.  Stay tuned as we await news of offers and acceptances and a more detailed breakdown of results.

by Charles Latvis

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