No Buzz Aldrins Here!

Everyone likes to win but sometimes, especially in Ireland, we have a difficulty in recognising and applauding excellence. We prefer the hard-luck story, the near-misses, the lovable-lad-who-is-about-to-be-lapped… the Buzz Aldrin over the Neil Armstrong. Faced with greatness, we feel as awkward as that NASA official when he had to pick a winner in the astronaut competition in the famous ‘Homer in Space’ episode:

Gentlemen, you’ve both worked very hard. And in a way, you’re both winners. But in another more accurate way, Barney is the winner. Mmm. Congratulations, Barney.

Never mind how that turned out, but we at St. Conleth’s have proudly shed that postcolonial reticence for saluting success and present to you now the winners of our Academic Awards 2022! But first up, some more of that lovely music which seems to accompany all our activities, courtesy of maestros Ms. McGuinness and Mr. O’Neill and the endlessly talented students, themselves.