Mr. Maguire, I Presume?

Dr. Livingstone is long gone, but there is now a kindler, gentler explorer trekking the wilds of Africa: our very own Mr. Gav Maguire!  And gone too is the weighty baggage of messianic zeal and cultural imperialism: Mr. Maguire’s expeditions are an exquisitely crafted mix of adventure and development, mutually beneficial to both student traveler and the local resident.  After two trips to India,  the focus is back on Africa and Mr. Maguire will tell you (students and parents) all about it this Thursday (29/9) at a Tanzania and Kilimanjaro Expedition Informational Evening (7:00- Conference Room).  If you plan on attending, please click on this link and, in the meantime, revisit some previous destinations of St. Conleth’s Student Expeditions:


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