12 July 2024

Monkeys go to Uni!

10 September 2021

One more bit of ‘results news’: if ‘Monkey (or Piggy) in the Middle’ were an Olympic sport, these boys would be medal contenders! Over their years at St. Conleth’s, every chance they got, they took: to grab an old rugby ball and find a spot between the school management’s late model executive salons and play the timeless game to their hearts’ content (sometimes well into the start of the next period).

Their styles differed with Nathan using his height and intimidating ‘hawk eyes’ to scare opponents into fumbling; Stephen claiming special privileges due to his Screen Actors’ Guild membership; Robert using Jedi mind tricks; and Matthew applying his maths and physics acumen to figure out the trajectories of the ball; of course, they were usually joined by Harry, with his dangerous, blood-freezing smile and Fergal, the whirling dervish of ‘Monkey in the Middle’. You could never separate these good buddies by much, except by a few feet when they were playing the game at break-time. And the LC barely did, either: four of the boys finished exactly one point apart, with the rather impressive spread going from 519-522. So, the game lives on, maybe spread across a few campuses, but we shall always look out at break-time and think of a bunch of good-natured boys enjoying themselves in the prime of their lives and destined for even better days.

by Charles Latvis

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