24 May 2024

Junior Stars!

18 August 2023

In St. Conleth’s Junior School we value teamwork and camaraderie above all, but that does not mean we do not acknowledge or reward individual effort and excellence… especially if it is as part of a power pop performance! So, let’s wrap up our end-of-term Junior School Award Winners. First up, our Irish Board Speech and Drama Exam medalists: Pat Howe and his professional cohorts have been running these for years at St. Conleth’s, a fitting complement to his weekly classes with all the Juniors. Below you see our medallists, but if you have ever had the pleasure of trying to mind a class at St. Conleth’s, you know well that every single student has been encouraged to speak their mind… if not break out into song and dance! We also see our very talented Junior School pupil, Andrew O’Brien, was featured in a new RTE show, Face the Music, over the summer.

The St. Conleth’s Junior Chess Team also earned medals and applause, having once again been crowned AIJS Chess Champions. TY Yubo Wang had better watch out, as these youngsters may soon be challenging him for the Senior School trophy! And for those whose interests involve a bit more shimmy and shake than ‘en passant’, we had another roof-raising rendition of St. Conleth’s Got Talent. Due to future record deals, we could only sneak a couple of stills, but the winners were happy to show off their certs! But before we change our name to St. Conleth’s ‘Fame Academy’, we must consider that other type of artistic talent, which is flowing from our brushes and pencils and securing our rep as an ‘Art School’, too. More to come, but here are Ms. Mellon’s Art Competition 2023 winners. Our Awards Assembly also featured an inspiring talk from Harry Collins, who had just won the Thomas Stamp Tzvetkov (Global) Award for the student in Sixth Form who has best exemplified the inclusive ethos and values of St. Conleth’s. Q.E.D.!

by Charles Latvis

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