24 May 2024

JCT: Leinster Finalists!

5 April 2024

The current JCT squad has a great chance of joining a few select years on the top shelf of Gav’s coaching memories: yes, Gav has loved all his teams, and has always put in the maximum effort and care, but, every so often, a squad just comes together in a special way, and the team and their coaches take that extra step, enshrining their season in Conlethian history. The Leinster-shaking SCT of 2016 holds a prominent place on that shelf. As do the Oz-conquering 2008s. And, just maybe, this current JCT crew has a chance of joining those legends.

The JCT’s early season success culminated in a Leinster Cup victory where they ran, passed and kicked with abandon in an exciting victory over St. Benildus, 30-28. The next round brought a brave loss against a team that did not out-class but did out-mass us. Then the JCT secured their place in the League Final with a narrow win over a very physical and well-coached Templeogue team in the Semi-Final. In a cracking game, St. Conleth’s came out on top, 35- 29, in the spectacular setting of Lansdowne Road’s back pitch. That set up a Final which galvanised support from the whole school in a way that we have more recently seen only for hockey and basketball. It was great to see the face-painting again, and the coaches again lined up on Clyde Road. The first half was particularly tough but GAv’s boys fought back bravely, and though they did not win, Donal Clarke’s try energised the crowd and gave us a moral victory and the the promise of more great days of rugby to come. Enjoy the snaps, taken by TY James Gilmore, from the Semifinal, below, and the final, above. The SCT will be glad to get these boys next year and a strong Second Year team assures more JCT success, next year!

by Charles Latvis

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