20 June 2024


13 December 2023

Somehow, our Guidance Counsellor ‘Flash’ Gordon Weldon found time to organise Study Skills seminars for our exam years, while simultaneously administering CAT exams to TYs, counselling various students (and several staff members!) on academic, career and wellbeing issues, emceeing the Nobber GFC Holiday Dinner Dance and Raffle, carrying numerous (mostly willing) elderly ladies across Merrion Road and setting land speed records in approach to the Dublin Port Tunnel. Where does he get his energy? Well, it was matched by Matthew Good of Inspire Education who delivered top-notch, pitch-perfect study skills seminars to our Third and Sixth Years, inspiring our students and giving them both theory and methods for success in the upcoming Mocks and state exams. And we must say: we have seen and heard many of these seminars over the years, with varying degrees of attention paid by our students, and this was by far the most impressive: you could have heard a pin drop as the boys and girls absorbed every tip. Now, we just hope that attention span extends into the classroom!

by Charles Latvis

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