26 May 2024

Greta Loves Mr. Gahan!

30 April 2021

But then again, who doesn’t? Our swashbuckling, surfboarding, golden-maned young English teacher (and alumnus) is a credit both to both his Conlethian colleagues and his former teachers (some doubling up there), and he is approaching deity status amongst the current student population. But we fear his latest adventure will draw international attention and the UN or Greenpeace or the Red Brigades or, maybe, even Greta the Good, herself, will come and snatch him away! During last week’s heatwave, while the rest of us were taking our classes down to Herbert Park to lose them in the undergrowth long enough to grab a coffee at Lolly’s, Mr. Gahan was on a much more noble mission: in honour of Earth Day, he took First Years on a mission to clean up some of the debris which had accumulated in the park and along the canal. Many have had political and environmental awakenings recently, but they rarely extend beyond the voice box or tweeting finger. Mr. Gahan and the First Years have put action to the attitude!

by Charles Latvis

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