Give! It Won’t Hurt!

16 October 2023

Well, especially if you hit up your parents for the cash monies! St. Conleth’s had two significant fundraisers recently and both were rousing successes. We are so proud of our TYs, who organised and ran with a Bake Sale for Morocco earthquake relief, which raised over €1,125. It was our most successful ‘one breaktime’ fundraiser ever! The TY organisers can be seen below but also some of the many Junior School bakers, who provided (and devoured) much of the product! You also see Junior Infants, who are busy prepping for the next big pastry event! And why are our Juniors not in their usual natty St. Conleth’s uniforms? Well, Friday was Goal Jersey Day and everyone wore their football, rugby, GAA and animé (This is Conleth’s!) jerseys with relish. We see our Student Officers on the collection rounds and First Years enjoying some SPHE (emphasis on the ‘S’!) in their jerseys in the Herbo!

by Charles Latvis

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