Ghoul School!

29 October 2023

There was absolute Halloween Hysteria at St. Conleth’s, again this year! Our women teachers transformed into Sixth Years (and vice versa) and we realised that you can never have too many Gav Maguires. And since this whole mega-holiday started with our native Samhain, our Ghoulish Gaeilge Gals, Ms. Fay and Ms. ODulaing, took on the most frightening of tasks: with the help of some TYs, running a Tráth Na gCeist for First and Second Years, who were filled to the gills with siúcra. Everyone got into the spirit of the day, as you can see below: First Year Pirate Queens and Nightmarish-before-Christmasish Self-Portraits and TY camaraderie and ‘Dress for your Future Career’ theme!

And, of course, the Junior Conlethians joined in on the Halloween Hijinks! The Preparatory School led the way in chillingly charming costumes and bountiful, boo-ish buffets. It was hard to match our Ken and Barbie twins (or is it ‘Barbie and Ken’, these days?) for costume creativity… but the rest of the Junior School, both pupils and teachers, certainly tried!

by Charles Latvis

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