24 May 2024

Fun in the Sun at Sportsday!

16 May 2024

The exodus from one side of Dublin 4 to the other began soon after Form Class, and though we lost a few stragglers in the meandering back allies and cowpaths of the ‘Ringer’ and Irishtown, most of the students eventually arrived at he splendid sporting facilities of Irishtown Stadium, ready to enthusiastically take part in one of our most eagerly anticipated yearly rituals: St. Conleth’s Senior School Sportsday.  All the usual suspects were there: Mr. Smith, Head of All Sport and Master of Ceremonies; Mr. Keenan, our Games Master and rightly selective Bestower of Medals; Gavin ‘Gav’ Maguire, specifically mentioned only because I copied this article from 2013; various teachers: some rookie red-necks and some old hands at their various athletic stations; and, of course, hordes of Tuck Shop-fuelled adolescents, bouncing up-and-down with adrenalin and competitive zeal.  This last group spent the day, or at least the morning, running, hopping, skipping, jumping, and throwing things with glee and either winning or cheering (and laughing) as others took their turns. And, a new dimension to Sportsday was firmly established. Mr. ‘Flash’ Gordon Weldon’s long-developing project, ‘The St. Conleth’s House System’, came to glorious fruition, with the extra zest of house rivalry added to the games. House Heaney accepted the first ever presentation of the Shay Keenan Sportsday House trophy, and the legend, himself, was on hand (of course!) to present it!




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The Shay Keenan Sportsday House Cup!

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by Charles Latvis

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