20 April 2024

Fiat Lux!

14 March 2024

‘Light’ has been important to us long before we became obsessed with LEDs, backlit Kindles and iPhone ‘torches’. The flickering flame in the cave mouth signalled home and safety and our loved ones have always been the ‘light of our eyes’. Well, ‘light’ featured prominently as our Sixth Form (and friends and families) gathered for a beautiful Ceremony of Light, in preparation for their upcoming celebration of the sacrament of Confirmation at St. Mary’s on Haddington Road. With some heartfelt readings and prayers, and beautiful accompanying music, it was the perfect last step before the sacrament, itself. A big ‘thank-you’ to Fr. Michael, Fr. Fachtna and Mr. Gallagher for arranging such a beautiful ceremony. And then, there was the sacrament, itself! See below, as our proud Confirmation Class took the traditional ‘fronts steps photo’ after the mass and ceremony at St. Mary’s… and before the celebrations!

by Charles Latvis

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