Down with the Kids!

13 November 2023

And we thought our young, country-strong Guidance Counsellor, ‘Flash’ Gordon Weldon had a rapport with the kids! Well, ‘The Commish’ brought in somebody with an even better connection with our angsty zoomers, than he (if possible): Bailey333, a Cabra-bred singer, performer, songwriter and inspirer, who emphasises the ‘rap’ in ‘rapport’ as he builds up his audience’s mindful engagement and self-awareness with deft lines and enticing beats. Yes, ‘Mental Health’ is almost too common of a theme these days, buy Bailey333 was able to package and deliver his understanding and optimism in a way that the Department of Education/HSE produced videos just can’t. And Bailey showed an abundance of another valuable trait: humour, as he even indulged the peculiar Ballsbridge penchant for gangsta poses, after his performance!

by Charles Latvis

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