26 May 2024

Distinctive Results!

19 October 2023

The results are in… and the St. Conleth’s Junior Cycle Class of 2023 did exceptionally well! The Performance Hall was awash with Merits, Higher Merits and Distinctions, with 14 of the last (notoriously difficult to secure!) being split evenly by our two highest-flying students: Jane Sweeney and Anna Carroll. (Mr. Weldon contributed no ‘Distinctions’ to the total but did earn an ‘Above Expectations’ for his Guidance Counselling CBA.)

And while we are talking exams and results, we will revisit our LC Class of 2023 on their Results Day in August, before our website revamp. We are immensely proud of all our state exam takers but, of course, more for the fine young men and women they are becoming, than a piece of paper in the hand!

by Charles Latvis

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