Cecilia on the Double!

8 April 2024

Two last treats of Spring from Afterschool and Morning Club Manager Cecilia Franken… also known as St. Conleth’s Czarina of Fun! First up, photos of the good, learning fun that came hopping out of the incubator along with our first batch of Easter Chicks! We think they are the cutest and cuddliest of all of Cecilia’s various cultivated creatures… except maybe the worms!

And something from the archives: apparently several of our staff members were in the running to play the lead character in 1993’s classic horror/comedy Leprechaun. None made the casting director’s final cut, for reasons ranging from being too tan (Mr. Travers) to too tall (Mr. Ingle) to too laid-back (Cecilia) to, simply, too old (Gav) but they all did make our Staff Leprechaun Photo Gallery!

by Charles Latvis

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