24 May 2024

Art in April!

28 April 2024

With JC and LC Art finally in the bag (or, rather, State Examination Commission envelopes), let’s turn the spotlight on the art that Ms. Halpin and her charges get up to, every day of the term. After all, that’s what is all about: creativity and fun! Below you see Fifth Year’s Batik/Embroidery Self-Portraits (Can you identify anyone?); TY Chloe Egan applying her artistic skill to Mr. Carvill and Ms. Halpin’s shared magnum opus, The ‘Ascent of Man’, a mural which traces the evolution of humanity…apparently, our development culminates in the school lab!; and, after recently completing their JC Art submissions, Third Years relaxing with some paper puppetry!

by Charles Latvis

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