24 May 2024

An Olympian in the Making

10 November 2021

Some people’s 10% is better than others’ 100%. Or in Ronan Roche Griffin’s case, 3% can trump 100%, when applied with spirit and talent. Ronan never let his childhood cancer, which left him with 3% of vision, and in only one eye, get him down. We remember a young Ronan Roche Griffin lighting up his First Year Form Class with his wicked wit and a glint in his eye. Whether it was sending notes in binary to a like-minded stemmy classmate or politely wriggling out of some minor kind of trouble, Ronan always did everything with considerable panache. Now, this proud member of St. Conleth’s Class of 2013 has transferred that swashbuckling style to the sun and snow-basked slopes, striving to become the first winter Paralympian to ever represent Ireland. He already is one of the few Conlethian alumni to get a full page article in The Times of London!

by Charles Latvis

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