24 May 2024

825 Leaving Certificate Points?

14 February 2023

78… 9 is Enough! Yes, guitarist Nigel Tufnel infamously managed to turn the volume on his amp ‘up to eleven’ but only our very own Caraíosa O’Farrell (Class of 2022) has managed to turn the Leaving Certificate points haul up to 825.! Yes, that is nine ‘H1s’ , or, for the boomers out there: nine A1s! Even more impressively, she has managed to negotiate the arcane labyrinth of grade appeals within the State Examinations Commission, and in the process taught us a new word: scrutineer. You can read all about it in The Irish Times, but we were not surprised at all. We have had many brilliant students over the years, with quite a few earning maximum LC points, but rarely has one student impressed all their teachers, across the spectrum of subjects, to such a high degree with their knowledge, enthusiasm and open-mindedness. Now, the rest of the world knows what we already knew before the recalculation of sums: Caraíosa is in a class of her own!

by Charles Latvis

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