Alumni Illuminati!

25 April 2024

Lately, we have been overwhelmed with news of Conlethian alumni accomplishments! Tidings of two more just came through the door. Current UCD student, Joshua McCormack (Class of 2021), has been awarded the European Commission Award for Journalism, Relating to European Affairs, at the 2024 National Student Media Awards! Click here to read about his award and here to actually read his award-winning article. Joshua was also a winner of the John Kelly Award for Classics in his time at St. Conleth’s and that is our smooth segue to Riccardo Rasini, who is a fellow lover of all things Greco-Roman (especially, Roman). Riccardo was a guest of honour at the recent Classical Association of Ireland’s Presidential Address Annual Lecture where he enjoyed a lecture entitled Cicero in the Cloister: Did monastic culture save the Latin classics? by the very learned Christopher Dillon, OSB. Riccardo also picked up his Jack Henderson Award for the Highest overall mark for Ancient Greek, Classical Studies or Latin, earned via his 100% in LC Latin in 2023. Despite finishing his secondary schooling at Sanford Park, Riccardo continued his Latin at St. Conleth’s and can be seen here with his teachers, Gerard Cummiskey and Charlie Latvis. And, of course, where there are the Classics, there are a cornucopia of Conlethians: Alastair ‘Five Rivers of Hades’ Daly (Class of 2013) was on hand, celebrating the completion of his PhD in Ancient Greek (on Apollonius’s Argonautica) at Trinity College! Vivat Lingua et Graeca Latina!

by Charles Latvis

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