Adventure Time with Gav!

15 October 2023

TYs get up to all sorts of stuff when in the school (specifics on the way!) but it is on their outings that they really benefit from this most ‘special’ of years. And having world-renowned adventurer Gav Maguire as their TY Co-Ordinator, makes these trips all the more exciting, special and donut-accompanied! Last week, it was the annual trip to Carlingford Adventure Centre, and though in some years past, for the locals, a Conlethian visit was like having the Vikings back in town, the 2023 version was fun-filled but scandal-free… unless you ask the leprechauns. For the duration of the trips, we maintained the ‘no phone’ policy for the kids (to their great benefit) but, thankfully, Ms. ODulaing had one of those new-fangled ‘camera/phones’ and snapped away! First up: the annual Splashdown from the pier!

And the hi-wire action from the Skypark! That’s Gav in the second photo… hiding in the cafe in the background.

And tough-guy Sean Ingle’s specialty: laser combat!

But the most fun of all: just hanging out with the leprechauns (shhh!!) and making new friends!

by Charles Latvis

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