20 June 2024

A Natural Double

13 March 2023

The scientist and the theologian have had their differences over the years, but most of both persuasions would agree on one thing: being out in nature is the place to be for any deep thinking of any kind.

Last week, Mr. Lonergan and Mr. Carvill did just that: retreating to the bucolic hinterland to do some fauna-finding and soul-searching. Faith always comes first: Road Warrior Lonergan was at it again with his ‘retreats that make a difference’. He led Fifth Years off to Glencomeragh, Co. Waterford for a Holy Family Mission Retreat, where faith, philosophy, fun, friendship… and a bit of fooling around were all on the menu.

And the Bio-Buddies Mr. Carvill and Ms. Phelan, likewise, did not let the worst weather of the year stop them from leading the Sixth Year Biology Classes into the wilds of Wicklow to complete their Ecology Field Study.

by Charles Latvis

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