School of Rock!

Afterschool Director Cecilia Franken would give that Jack Black movie character or Louis Walsh or Willy Wonka or any impressario set on liberating the imagination of children, a run for their money! Her latest caper involves the promotion of DCSL- our in-house Junior School roock band. (They prefer not to be called a ‘boy band’ but are open to image change for the right recording contract offer!) And the other participants in Afterschool are not reduced to mere audience members: as you can see below, everyone gets busy once the homework gets stowed away! Amongst many other activities we have the ‘egg in bottle experiment; ‘sprouting seeds for our sandwiches’; cookie baking; the subsequent, hilarious ‘biscuit challenge’; the ‘carrot in the box game’; the making (and eating) of Coca-Cola popsicles; the egg in vinegar/Coca Cola experiment; the maintenance of a ‘What’s Up Board’; the construction of a ‘human chain’ (Take that, Covid!); arts and crafts in various formations, and good, old-fashioned horsing around! Why else do Afterschool kids sleep so soundly at night?