International Students

International Students at St. Conleth’s benefit from:

  • ‘Small enough to care, large enough to challenge.’
  • Strengths-based education at both Junior and Senior Level, with both the Arts and Sciences emphasised
  • Education for the whole family: for boys and girls from ages 4-18
    ( Junior Infants through Sixth Year)
  • Pre- and After-school Care for Junior students
  • SAT and other international standardised testing
  • Personalised career and university guidance by a professional guidance counsellor
    (UCAS, American Universities, etc…)
  • Placements in Yale, Colombia, Cambridge and St. Andrew’s amongst others
  • English as an Additional Language Lessons
  • Premium location in Dublin’s ‘Embassy Belt’
  • Close Co-Operation with exchange agencies
  • Dedicated International Student Co-ordinator

Bonjour, Hallo, Olá, Buenos Dias, Dobrý den, nǐ hǎo!
With students hailing from Korea, France, Germany, Portugal, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, the Czech Republic, China, Argentina… St. Conleth’s College is quite the multicultural place! Students from abroad have been part of St. Conleth’s since the foundation of the school in 1939.  More recently there has been an increase in the number of our foreign friends as in the Senior School we host between ten and twenty international students each year and the Junior School has popular with families who have settled in Dublin from abroad. Some of our international students are here for two weeks, others for a year or two and some end up staying.  So, what do they think of St. Conleth’s?

One thing that all the international students agree on is that St Conleth’s is quite different from the school they come from… no matter where they are from.  “St. Conleth’s is quite different rom my school in Spain: here, we wear a uniform and the school is much smaller, but most importantly we are made to feel so welcome by everyone and the relationships between international and Irish students, and between the teachers and all their students, are quite unique.  And since the local students mix so well with the internationals, our English really improves.”  – Ricardo, Spain.  And the Irish Conlethians also enjoy this interaction: meddling with an international crowd is definitely ‘cool’. In the last few years alone, Hungarian Oliver’s ad hoc piano compositions always brought an avalanche of applause at school concerts; the enthusiasm and silky basketball skills turned Manuel into the First Year hero;  the ever-present smiles of Carmen and Andrea brighten even the darkest days of Irish weather; and the good humour of our Argentinian students was missed dearly after their departure.

Most of our international students do eventually go home, but we hope they go back changed, having learned more about Ireland and themselves.  They will return to their native countries,  strenghtened by taking on the challenge of education abroad and ready to tackle any challenges that life will put onto their path, enriched by the St. Conleth’s experience.

One International Student’s Experience

My name is Beatrix Schulte-Huermann, but you can call me Trixi. I am from a little village near Cologne in Germany and I came to Ireland as an exchange student to learn English and to study for one year at St. Conleth’s. 

Maybe I should start by telling the story how I came to pick St. Conleth’s as a school in the first place. I had to go to a school which offered Latin as a subject choice and only very few schools in Ireland do that anyways! And even though St. Conleth’s is such a cute little school they had it!  So what did I like about St. Conleth’s? A lot! To sum it all up I have to say it is the greatest school I have ever attended, visited or even heard about…and from some fellow Germans doing their exchange year abroad I did not hear many very positive reports about their schools.  I loved how it is this small, cosy school with home-like feel yet plenty of subjects and challenges.  I liked the teachers and really enjoyed the lessons – it was a complete difference to Germany, much friendlier yet still productive.  A very precious feature was the location: on the border between Ballsbridge and Donnybrook, close to the shops and just a hop away from Dublin city centre.  But the most of all I fell for the people there. Just everybody. My year was the best, funniest and most unique group of people you will ever find and I love them all. The teachers were loads of fun and still managed to sneak the stuff you need to know into your head. I will never forget Mr. Trenier’s banter and how Mr. Latvis himself managed to hit pause every five seconds while watching a film, explaining what just happened. Don’t be too sad, Mr. Latvis. The odd time your jokes actually made me smirk a little bit.

That year I spend at St. Conleth’s was the best of my life. Thank you, to everybody who participated in those memories. And a part of my heart will always be there with you all.

PS: I never returned my locker-key to Mr Trenier. Sorry, I kept it as a memory!

Beatrix Schulte-Huermann, Germany.