Halloween Happenings!

You may decry many of the imports from across the big water, but surely the upgrade for Halloween is one to be welcomed and celebrated.  As little as fifteen years ago, ‘Samhain’ may have been reverentially referred to in Irish class, but Halloween night itself was a haze of burning rubber, wailing sirens and small but potentially dangerous explosions.  Now, thanks to Hallmark and Hollywood, everyone from the cradle to the friendly, illuminated, plastic grave can enjoy dressing up as characters as charming as Kristoff or as chilling as Hans and then swarm through the neighbourhood, tricking and treating the heart’s and belly’s content!  At St. Conleth’s we, of course, take it a step further. We have costume parties and school for the little ones, including a much-anticipated ‘Spook Parade’ invasion of the Senior School.  Our middle forms get to go off campus, visiting Lullymore Heritage Park and enjoying a ‘Halloween Spooktacular’.  Check out our pics and see that everyone, including our brave teachers, had a spine-tingling good time!

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