Junior School Open Morning

For students joining in 2024 and beyond → St. Conleth’s Junior and Preparatory School welcomes you with great enthusiasm to our Open …more

An Enduring Legacy

Thomas Stamp Tzvetkov left us fifteen years ago but his legacy and spirit live on in the award that bears …more

An Enduring Legacy

Serving the Net!

Junior School Head of Sport Louis Magee was not going to let the Seniors grab all the tennis headlines! And …more


Mr. Lonergan was at it again: galvanising his students to get out of their screens and off their butts to …more

The End of the Debate

‘I have two points, sir…’ Only two… are you sure, Leo? It is with great ambivalence that teachers face the …more

OK, Zoomers!

“Anyone remember ‘The Taz‘?” Our attempts at humorous nostalgia at break-time in the staffroom are now often met with stony …more

Soccer Stars!

The clouds parted, the sun shone and the kids came out to play! The Junior School had their annual Football …more

No Glamping Allowed!

Yes, for some, camping ain’t what it used to be: comfy, designer yurts, feathered pillows, gourmet meals… ‘glamping’ is all …more

Classics Kids Kick Aes!

Blackrock Collge was the stately setting for the ‘Ides of March-ish’ Classics and Latin Teachers Table Quiz and, like it …more

Classics Kids Kick Aes!

Game Theory

With all this talk about (and by) Chatgpt, we Boomers are getting worried that some unholy mash-up of The Matrix …more

Looking for Notice!

We have been banging on lately about our sporting prowess (of which there is plenty to say!) but Conlethians, of …more

Titanesses of Tennis!

The boys teams approached the net first, but the St. Conleth’s Girls Tennis Teams are now taking the court with …more

That’s Groovy, Man!

Junior School Art Teacher Ms. Mellon spent a full day exploring the ancient, honoured hippie art of tie-dying with the …more

Circus Stars!

If you find a note in your child’s room detailing that they have ‘run away to join the circus’, we …more

Making the Cut!

At St. Conleth’s, sports (and everything else) is all about participation. Of course, we always want to win, and our …more

Exit Stage… Left?

Now the seats are all empty./Let the roadies take the stage./Pack it up and tear it down… Well, someone failed …more

Hockey Hooley!

A last glance at our hockey heroes? Here’s the Junior team’s school cheer… and plenty of more pics!

Mr. Maguire, I presume?

Dr. Livingstone is long gone, but there is now a kindler, gentler explorer trekking the varied landscapes of Africa: our very …more

Picture at an Exhibition

Fifth Year Ciara Thornton won Second Prize in the U-18s at the Ranelagh Art Exhibition Schools Art Competition! Her masterpiece …more

Avast, Ye!

The St. Conleth’s Sailing Team was in action last weekend at the Leinster Schools Team Racing 2023 Championships at the …more

Gang Gaeilge!

St. Conleth’s múinteoirí Gaeilge are in full Seachtain na Gaeilge mode… with some classic Irish weather in accompaniment! First up: the …more

Alby ἄργῠρος!

Silver-tongued Alby rocks the Young Classicist Symposium! When word was heard in the ἀγωγή, the military camps of Sparta, that …more

Alby ἄργῠρος!

Hockey Hysteria!

Cup? Shield? Plate? League? All of the above, please. Well, that is the attitude of Ms. Speller and the hockey …more

Hockey Hysteria!

A Natural Double

The scientist and the theologian have had their differences over the years, but most of both persuasions would agree on …more

Art Matters!

Ms. Mellon’s Third Class Art Pupils get creative in preparation for an upcoming important parental recognition day… we don’t want …more

PPU… phew!

Denizens of Greater Ballsbridge and Donnybrook hold their collective breaths every year on the first Friday of March because that …more

The PPU are Coming!

Actually, the bad, old days, when the looming Annual Dinner of the Past Pupils Union was viewed by Mr. Kelleher and …more

The PPU are Coming!

Pro Arte et Natura!

Our Arts & Environment hero! Fifth Year Ciara Thornton has been chosen by the Ranelagh Arts Competition to have her …more

Semper Fi!

SCT Coach Louis Magee, Captain Michael Donnelly and the few but proud long-time members of the team finally reaped what …more

A-macing Debaters!

At St. Conleth’s, the debate never ends! Fifth Year Lochlan Flynn and Transition Year Finley O’Dea are joining Fifth Year …more

Noblesse Oblige

And King Brian ‘The Benign’ Nolan and Holy Conlethian Emperor Tony ‘The Terrible’ (in a good way) Kilcommons did decideth …more

Arise, Squires!

The Senior basketballers have justly grabbed much of our attention this week but how about another of our characteristic sports? …more

TYs Go To Work!

A last bit of Transition Year news before midterm. First, a couple of shots of one of their last activities …more

Above the Rim

In a relatively short time, we have grown accustomed to continued success for our basketball teams, and sometimes that can …more

CSPCE for the DSPCA!

Mr. Gahan’s Third Year CSPE Class pulled off an impressive Action Project, organising and running a Cake Fair +, with …more

SCT Lose a Close One

The SCT battled bravely but lost on a last minute try, 27-24, to Patrician-Newbridge with Matthew O’Leary and Fionán Power …more

I Could Make That!

Yes, any visit to a museum or gallery of contemporary art, for the relatively uninitiated, inevitably leads to grunts of …more

TYs: All Heart!

Ms. Halpin has sparked the romantic side of TY, and they have responded with handcrafted St. Valentine’s Day love-heart sculptures. …more

Hockey Hysteria!

Ms. Speller’s Hockey Minions are on the march! Our valiant First Years lost to traditional powerhouse St. Andrew’s in their …more


Led by Cecilia, our Czarina of After-School, Morning Club and Fun, our whole Junior School welcomed the school visit team …more

Hockey Hangs In!

We knew Ms. Speller would not keep quiet after all our excitement over basketball, rugby and chess: she rightfully reminds …more

Young Scientist Fun!

1st, 2nd and 4th Years all enjoyed their visits to the Young Scientist Exhibition at the RDS, especially these First …more


Conlethian hoops historians are welcome to correct us, but we do believe that below you see the first ever recorded …more

See You Next… Week?

We enjoyed the lighthearted but pointed comment by our local parish priest when he jested that there would be better …more

Last Christmas…

…we gave you the news, but the very next day… we gave you some more! In our-end-of-term rush, we left …more

Last Christmas…

Christmas Crooners!

Mr. ODulaing said it best: the moment we are most ‘St. Conleth’s’ is when we are all gathered together, celebrating …more

En Passant!

Beating Brazil in football. Canada in ice hockey. The Japanese in sumo wrestling. And Gonzaga… in chess. These are accomplishments …more

Hoop High?

Don’t tell Gav or Ms. Speller, but St. Conleth’s is quickly gaining a reputation as a ‘Basketball School’ and its …more

Don’t Fence Us In!

The ancient and noble art of Fencing has been linked with St. Conleth’s since its earliest days and we have …more

Surfin’ Safari!

Mr. Smith and Mr. Lonergan were like the Wilson Brothers on Tuesday morning on Killiney Strand (they can fight over …more


Last Friday, we gathered at St. Mary’s-Haddington Road for our Annual School Mass, to celebrate the season of Advent and …more

Give! It Doesn’t Hurt!

In recent years, a mainstay of the Junior School’s Christmas calendar has been the collection for Brother Kevin’s Capuchin Day …more

Kodachrome Crunch!

We are not sure where Junior parent Cahir Davitt found the snippet of sunshine to snap this vibrant photos, but …more

Toi Story

Toi Harada, a visiting Fifth Year student from Japan, is heading home but in his short time here, he made …more

Revenge of the Nerds!

How do you match the dizzying heights (and widths and perimeters) of Maths Week?  Well, follow it up with mathematics’ …more

Maggie’s Classics Coup!

Conlethian alumna Maggie Tighe (Class of 2019) was recently presented with one of the most selective and competitive international academic …more

Whole Child, Inc.

You get the occasional teacher complaining about missing classes (we, the notable and enthusiastic exception!), but there is plenty of …more

St. Louis Magee?

Is bilocation still a qualification for sainthood?  In the hagiography of St. Conleth’s, it is!  In one day, Junior Sport …more

Last Gasp!

First Year Art Students enjoyed the ‘Zombie Doubles’ so much, they asked for the rest. Enjoy them and get ready …more

Last Gasp!

Halloween A++

Covid did not just lead to grade inflation… and cost of living inflation… it has also led to holiday hype: …more

Halloween A++

Yikes! Bio-Med Graduates!

How do STEM devotees celebrate an illogical, incalcuable and inflammable holiday? Well, Ms. Phelan and her Sixth Year Biology students …more

Furious Finish!

We had a pretty hectic- and successful- close to the half term, sporting wise, at St. Conleth’s. We are still …more

A Comeback for the Ages!

Maybe our regular basketball coaches, Peter Gahan and Sean Ingle, should stick to surfing! While the usually dynamic duo were …more

A Comeback for the Ages!

Cool Ghoul School!

Ms. Halpin and her Art students have transferred St. Conleth’s Senior School into a cool ghoul school! Below we see …more

Cool Ghoul School!

Nocted Out!

When current Marian College Basketball Coach (and teacher) Eoin ‘Trust Me, I’m a…’ Noctor wandered these halls as a student …more

Nocted Out!

Improv and Gore!

The short course ‘Artistic Performance’ is quickly becoming a favourite of the Senior School. Ms. Orla Mellon takes her creative …more

À La Carte!

It is not just Chefs Mark and Emerson who serve up a wide menu at St. Conleth’s! Junior School Principal …more

À La Carte!

A Moral Victory!

It is said that infant Achilles was dipped in the River Styx by his heel, rendering him nigh invincible. Too …more

Retreat! Retreat!

Do you remember when retreats involved a lot of hushed voices, hastily drawn symbolic etchings, vague expressions of well-being and …more

Believe in Science!

After enduring the zealotry of the covid cartel for all things scientific, or those things apparently so, it was a …more

Believe in Science!

People For Profit!

Think globally: act locally! TYs helped Paddy Byrne, of Ballsbridge Tidy Towns, to make flower plants by up-cycling wooden pallets. …more

People For Profit!

Hockey Hordes

If it came down to a civil war between the partisans of our main sports of rugby, basketball, debating and …more

Hockey Hordes

Cheer up, Peig!

And don’t even mention An Triail… Yes, this actually happened a couple of weeks ago, but ‘Is fearr mall ná …more

Cheer up, Peig!

Junior Round-Up!

We in the Senior School often miss what our Junior brethren are up to simply because they are so small …more

Junior Round-Up!

Junior Rugby Wild Geese!

Like the brave Gaelic warriors who scattered across Europe, our Junior Rugby teams spread across Dublin this past weekend. Head …more

Listen to The Commish!

Commissioner (and Guidance Counsellor) Gordon Weldon is still doing the last bits of custom-fitting on the Class of 2022 (you …more

Howth Revisited!

The Fifth Years so enjoyed their ‘Lonergan Lark’ to Howth that they went back the very next day! And this …more

Clear Your Mind!

What are two Tipperary natives to do, come the first days of autumn when the breeze turns cold yet all …more

Scrumptious Soups!

Two famous soups, Corn Chowder and Sweet Potato, make their glorious return on this week’s canteen menu (PDF)!

Scrumptious Soups!

Where’s My Phone?

Yes, the desperate furtive glances and frenzied pocket patting usually results in a reassuring but slightly sickening feeling of comfort, …more

Art Flows On

Like the fluid, flowing shapes in John Kelleher’s paintings, art flows ever onward at St. Conleth’s. Below you see Mr. …more

Art Flows On


Yes, there was grade inflation across the nation but, as usual, St. Conleth’s ‘turned it up to 11’ and we …more

All In!

Yes, with the Transition Years bounding through the doors last Thursday, we now have everyone home and can start the …more

Mark, More Melanzane!

One indisputably good thing about coming back to school: lunch by Chef Mark, Emerson, Anna and crew! Menu 5/9-9/9 (PDF)

First Daze!

Yes, we are back in action at St. Conleth’s! In fact, the Junior School teachers (driven by General Brian Nolan) …more

First Daze!

Sweet Dreams!

Yes, it is the eve off the First Day of School, dreaded and dreamed of in equal parts… and that’s …more

From Across the Sea

Of course, we St. Conleth’s teachers spend the summer busily preparing lesson plans for the upcoming school year, but apparently …more

Art Matters

We, the skeleton crew of the good ship St. Conleth’s, just welcomed the State Examiners Commission’s Junior Cycle Art Examiner …more

Alternate Power

On Monday, June 27th, at about 17:03, upon the completion of the Leaving Certificate Latin Exam, a quiet will descend …more

Alternate Power

Cool Classics Kids!

We foretold the impending godhood of one Turlough Dineen below, and, it turns out, that we were as prophetic as …more

Cool Classics Kids!

They’re Here!

They’re here! JC & LC start tomorrow. Leave your bags in Room 3. Study Rooms are 4 (LC) & 5 …more

Juniors Take Centre Stage!

With our Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate students finally hitting the books with gusto, our un-undead TYs working on their …more

TY: Full of Life!

We were planning on making jokes about Gav, and many of the TYs, ‘method acting’ all year long for 10 …more

What’s the Story?

Before there were looped videos of campfires on Youtube, there were real campfires. Before there were podcasts, there were real …more

Lonergan’s Larks

Aidan Lonergan was last seen in a classroom in 2009… but that was only because Tipp was in some league …more

Learning Curve

Junior School Principal Brian Nolan has brought youth and energy to the role (not that the auld fella wasn’t half …more

Suite Sayonara

After all they have been through, it was a blessing, deserved and earned, that the Class of 2022 were able …more

Staff Hold Court

Okay, okay… maybe we should give the Sixth Years one more chance and play them in Chess… but we have …more

Nobber Clobbers D4

Maybe ‘cultural context’, the bête noire of the Sixth Years’ English Paper II, actually does matter, as the country boys …more

Sponge Dodge!

Mr. Lonergan was at it again: galvanising his students to get out of their screens and off their butts to …more

Quo Vadis?

Like Captain Oveur in the movie Airplane, Sean Ingle is a huge fan of gladiator films, so when the St. …more

Art Kids Get Edgy

At home, St. Conleth’s kids may be used to the safer, more curatable forms of art: the tasteful minimalist collage …more

That’s No Moon…

It’s Your Summer Exam Schedule! Yes, they are looming on the horizon like the Deathstar… but with plenty of study …more

That’s No Moon…

Speak to me of Love

‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all’: A mature, weighty motion for our …more

STEM+ Story

When Eric Borguet (Captain, 1981) returned to St. Conleth’s, in the company of Principal Emeritus Peter Gallagher, he was impressed …more

The Power of Speech

James Power is the kind of kid of who makes the ‘Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence’ theory rather redundant: you aren’t left …more

Tennis… Everyone!

‘You cannot be serious!’ but, yes, we are! The Senior Girls Tennis Team’s success a few weeks back seems to …more

A Farewell to Arms!

Sixth Years James Moriarty Smyth and Claudio Sosa Smatrala are bowing out in style, after thrilling us with their fencing …more

Off and Running!

With spring in the air and their step, St. Conleth’s athletes hit the ground running at the East Leinster’s in …more

En Garde/En Piste

Fencing has been important to St. Conleth’s since the foundation of the school but skiing is a relatively recent addition …more

Crossing Borders

With a nascent GAA movement amongst the girls and tennis matches happening across the years, St. Conleth’s College Head of …more

Chuggers Supreme!

A proper end to Lent! St. Conleth’s Transition Years were proud to present The Down Syndrome Centre with a cheque …more


And with one poignant note of reverb from the guitars of Ollie and Finn, we finally banished the ghost of …more

Flash… Ah-ah!

Yes, cue the classic 1980 Queen soundtrack song whenever Mr. Weldon is around because he is definitely our otherworldly superhero! …more

Tennis, Anyone?

Nestled as we are between the shadow-dappled courts of Herbert Park and the power and prestige of the Fitzwilliam Lawn …more


HOT OFF THE PRESS! Fourth Former Andrew O’Brien finally publishes and distributes his first edition of the all new St. …more

Remembering Neil

Neil Quinlan passed away tragically while on a Transition Year hiking trip in April 2013.  Neil was only at St. …more

Retreat! Retreat!

Apologies for the delay in this report but our Special Sixth Year Photographer, Anna Downey, is as open-minded with shot …more


If you can judge a man’s fortune by his friends, Pierre Zakrzewski was indeed a lucky man: such was the …more

Weekend Warriors!

Some of us remember when Mr. Sheridan was a different type of ‘weekend warrior’: as a Fifth and Sixth Year …more


Sixth Year Fencer Fatale Claudio Sosa cannot be foiled! He has been selected for the World Championship in Dubai and …more


Spring has Sprung! And so have the imaginations and the artistic abilities of our Junior School Students. Ms. Mellon takes …more

A Prayer for Peace

Our Religion Team of Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Lonergan united to bring Pope Francis’s powerful and unprecedented prayer for peace …more

будь ласка!

St. Conleth’s welcomes Andrii Vygdorchyk of Ukraine with a coffee morning organised by Ms. Killen and Mr. Toal. Andrii will …more

Someone to Talk To

All our students already know what a good listener and advisor is our Guidance Counsellor Gordon Weldon: now, so do …more

The Plaque is Back!

Our Junior Hockey Team is back with a bang! After a heart-breaking League Semi-Final defeat, they stormed back to win …more

Jolly Junior Hockey Sticks!

We were so busy processing our ace reporter (and over-enthusiastic amateur herpetologist) Emilio’s 3,000+ photos of various visiting reptiles last …more

Profit for People!

Wait until the Sandymount Young Socialists Club hears about this! Two of their rising stars, Rory Clarke and Evan Power, …more

Pure Class

Some things are bigger than the game. Mt. Temple showed their sportsmanship and sheer class by presenting St. Conleth’s First …more

Aoi Lán Seoil!

During Seachtain na Gaeilge even a school which lies at the top of Waterloo and Wellington Roads comes out ‘all Irish’… …more

Let Putin Eat Cake!

Actually, no, on second thought, he can’t have any! Our Student Council have organised two fun, and profitable, events to …more

Ferg… on the Banseó!

Apparently, music does indeed ‘soothe the savage breast’ and calm the savage beast. You may think that referring to our …more

Doing Our Part

St. Conleth’s is doing its part for the Ukraine. Little did we suspect that 83 years after the school’s founding …more

Culture Vultures

Long ago, Mrs. Patricia Kelleher initiated what has become a beloved Conlethian tradition: the Sheppard-Kelleher family invites Sixth Years out …more


Four brave young men (five, counting HOS Ciaran Smith, maybe not so young anymore but still exceedingly brave) manfully marched …more

Help The Ukraine!

Late notice, but here is an opportunity to help the Ukraine. Details below but please, please do not bring anything …more

Coming Back to Life!

Springtime always brings a natural and impulsive sense of de vivre and the lambs gamboling in the fields and the …more

J’ai La Gnac!

We told you previously about all the tongues with which we speak and the resultant cornucopia of LC language mocks… …more

Spring Thaw!

Things are getting back to normal in the Junior School! So-Young Yoon is back giving one-on-one paint lessons; ITC lessons …more

Bullies, Beware!

St. Conleth’s takes bullying very seriously. This past week we welcomed the professionals of Bully 4u, an organisation who deal with all …more

Clear Minded!

Our Junior School Mindfulness Programme continues to grow apace! Head of Junior School PE Louis Magee has led Junior Infants through …more

A Polite Lenten Push!

St. Conleth’s Chaplain Fr. Michael Collins makes the rounds, and delivers an Ash Wednesday blessing to the students. He also …more

Keep On Runnin’!

Some of us did get a bit more exercise over the Covid Era, walking the designer hybrid pup, who every …more

The Puppet Mistress

Conlethians tend to come naturally to ‘performing’… sometimes we resemble Fame Academy in the students’ aptitude and enthusiasm for performing …more

Gordon, Well Done!

The busiest of a busy St. Conleth’s staff crew must be Gordon Weldon, our Guidance Counsellor: everybody wants a piece …more

Here We Go Again!

It seems just like yesterday that Coach ‘Giv ’em Hell’ Speller and I were arranging a hockey team on the …more

Swish Senior Cup Team

Louis ‘Hightower’ Magee wears a few hats: mindfulness guru; Head of Junior School PE; proud St. conleth’s parent; roving rugby …more

Rugby Rises Again!

Yes, St. Conleth’s still plays rugby… and we play it darned well! All that bball and hockey talk must take …more

New Kids on the Block!

This just in! After a massive, multi-biscuit bidding war between various record companies and promotional entities, we have secured the …more

School of Rock!

Afterschool Director Cecilia Franken would give that Jack Black movie character or Louis Walsh or Willy Wonka or any impressario …more

Bunch of Jocks!

The Silver Screen and, even more so, its diminutive cousin, are full of high school scenarios and tales where the …more


How are we doing in Díospóireacht? Unfortunately, our Irish debating team of Evan Power, Cariosa O’Farrell and Coleman Hegarty were knocked …more

Study. Eat. Play.

The routine is returning and isn’t it glorious? No, not the fear, suspicion and condescension of the plague days, but …more

Run Free!

In Mr. Lonergan’s native Tipp, the lambs will soon be gambling around the pastures green, and nothing can better warm …more

Yuletide App-less Fun!

No, there is no ‘app’ for Afterschool! All participants in Cecilia Franken’s fun-filled festival of freedom must use their own …more

Sticks and Style!

A good news story to start the year and the return to school: Ms. Speller’s and Ms. Handley’s hockey hordes …more

Io, Saturnalia!

Yes, Jesus’s arrival was the game-changer, and Christmas and Easter are holy days of a different class, but in the …more

Zoo Story

One of the many changes we have noticed in recent years is the reduction in the number of our older …more

Holiday Hucksters!

Is there anything more beautiful than a tidy little profit, fairly worked for and won? Well Gav Maguire and his …more

B-Ball Glory Days!

The Oblates Hall in Inchicore was once again the venue for a colossal Conlethian basketball triumph as Coaches Sean Ingle …more

It’s A Given!

In recent years, a mainstay of the Junior School’s Christmas calendar has been the collection for Brother Kevin’s Capuchin Day …more

Straight Shooters!

Our U16 Girls Basketball team are through to the Dublin Final and not only are the players accurate markspeople, so …more

Leinster Lioness!

The Toy Show had plenty of adorable kids jumping around the place, emitting affected roars, but there is one St. …more

Cup Courage!

There were two stirring Rugby Cup matches for St. Conleth’s this past week, and both conveyed the same message: the …more

Hoopsters: En Garde!

Never mind all that hoopla! We are still a Fencing School! Claudio Sosa was back on the podium recently- twice! …more

Double Dribble!

The girls are at it again! U16s and U19s Girls Basketball won the double over Mount Anville: 44-16 and 44-28, …more

Gahan’s Gangstas!

Coach Gahan’s B-Ball Gangsta Girls are off to a fast start with the U16s beating Presentation-Terenure and the U19s getting …more

Imagine Dancers

Even in the deepest and darkest dungeons of the most totalitarian states, the imagination flies free… as it does in …more

Gifted with Gab

Apparently, their day has come! Banishing rugby, hockey, fencing and even their fellow modern linguists to the back pages, the …more

TY Gaeilgeoirí!

No, Torthaí Tráth na gCeist, is thankfully not an Irish Spelling Bee but a General Knowledge Table Quiz in the …more

Pass the Test!

Yes, Christmas is coming early… well St. Conleth’s Senior School Christmas Exams, anyways! Nice to get them all wrapped up …more

Pass the Test!

Climbing the Walls?

Yes, over the last twenty months or so, we have all been ‘climbing the walls’ at some point or another, …more

TYs: Gang Gaeilge 24!

Yes, we cringe a bit when, in mid-March, those few Americans who don’t claim an actual, specific percentage of Irishness …more

Art: On the Double!

Ms. Mellon and Ms. Halpin, Art Teachers of the Junior and Senior Schools, respectively, make for a formidable dynamic duo: …more

Triumph Through Trauma

We have been personally involved in the production of the last four St. Conleth’s ‘quinquennials’, our every-five-years collection of Conlethian …more

Classical Kellehers!

The Kellehers, from Lorcan (Class of 2008) through to Joe (2025) have been, and still are, are an essential part …more

Birds of Batik

Batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to the whole cloth, or cloth made using this technique. Of Javanese …more

Buzz, Buzz…

You would think that Mr. Carvill The Younger would be the last to fall for the old honeypot trick, but …more

Do Touch!

Too often, especially during Covidity, we retreat to the easier option of not getting too involved: don’t get too close, …more

No Free Lunch!

First Years daily enjoy Chef Mark and Emerson’s canteen concoctions but occasionally they do have to earn it! Below we …more

Of Faith… and Fun!

Rapid changes in technology, and our society as a whole, have made the currents students’ attitudes sometimes seem very foreign …more


Well, maybe you should change out of your pyjamas and slippers before you log on to work from your comfy …more

All Hail Halloween!

Creeping, creepy Americanism or just a good bit of fun, Halloween has rocketed up the charts as a favoured holiday …more


Remember the butterflies? The worms? The chicks? No, these are not plagues from the Old Testament, sent to harrrow Pharaoh: …more

Afterschool Cool!

Cecilia Franken, our After-School Manager, runs such an exciting and interesting programme for our Junior School students that we often …more

Holier Than Now

Yes, by Saturday afternoon, all these little devils will be a good bit holier, having made their First Holy Communion …more

Adventure Time with Gav!

Yes, Peru has unfortunately been parked by Covid contingencies, but that will not stop intrepid adventurer and explorer Gav Maguire …more

Great Sports!

We mentioned below how the St. Conleth’s rugby and hockey teams have hit the ground running, and we are soon …more

Art Kid Kool

No, it was not open auditions for The Breakfast Club re-boot, but, yes, our art kids are certainly proud of …more

Wound Art

Puss-filled blisters, bleeding sores, open wounds, angry rashes… newly discovered symptoms of The Covid? Nah… just some cool cinematic special …more

Lock and Load!

Many years, in fact, decades ago, when Transition Year Elder Gavin Maguire was a young lad, of about 17 or …more

Jock School?

Art School? Music School? Debating School? Yes, we could be classified as any, or all, of those but maybe we …more

Idle Hands…

Well, in Transition Year at St. Conleth’s, we really don’t have to worry about the conclusion of that old proverb …more

Moral Victories!

Now, we are not saying that the SCT headed into their first match of the season as absolute underdogs as …more

Colourful Kids!

Junior School Art Teacher Orla Mellon always has a grand design in mind when she enters the classroom, and that …more

Bray Rave

There comes a time in every world class athlete’s life when he or she must acknowledge the march of time …more

Jolly Ho, Jules!

In the short years since Hockey Czarina Speller first brought hockey to St. Conleth’s, there have already been several Cups, …more

Sophomore Smash!

If anyone had the ‘pleasure’ of supervising First Years at lunchtime last year knows, the boys and girls have a …more

After-School Cool!

What could possibly be better than spending five to six hours in St. Conleth’s Junior School, certainly the coolest private …more

Park Life

One good habit that has developed during covidity has been the growth in Conlethian usage of Herbert Park. We had …more

Monkeys go to Uni!

One more bit of ‘results news’: if ‘Monkey (or Piggy) in the Middle’ were an Olympic sport, these boys would …more

Of Points and Plans!

There is nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition, especially when the end result is a shared victory.  On …more

JI’s Smooth Settle!

What… me worry? Well, you naturally do on the first day of school, especially if you are starting Junior Infants… …more

Sailors, Ahoy!

Yes, it was the Irish rowers grabbed Olympic glory over the summer but we believe we have, right here at …more

First Days: Fun Days!

Bittersweet is the first day of school: a bit bitter as parents bid farewell to their near constant summertime companions …more

We’re Back!

Back to school blues? Well, spare a thought for those who are not lucky enough to attend, or work at, …more

Back to School?

In this relatively splendid summer, it is almost a sin to mention those three words beloved of advertisers (and, sometimes, …more

Summer Snippets

During that recent relatively welcome blast of global warming, while the rest of us were at the beach, dodging plagues …more

STEM 2- Culture 1

We were clearing our desktop- wait, stop there! When we said ‘desktop’, were you thinking mahogany and leather, Ikea MDF …more

A Fond Farewell

With the last words scribbled into the Leaving Certificate answer booklets, and the sun shining on Ballsbridge and its environs, …more

TY in a Trying Time

There were many contestants in the misery olympics this past year, and to be honest, quite a few had authentic …more

Junior June Jumble!

We admitted that we had neglected the term-ending goings-on in the Junior School while busy calculating LC grades (with aid …more

Great Sports!

We have to admit that we recently been neglectful of our Junior brothers and sisters in the St. Conleth’s family, …more

Doctors in the House!

Worried about post-Covid Ireland’s health and all those waiting lists that have trebled during the lockdowns? Don’t be! For two …more

The Examined Life

Yes, we have a lot for which to thank Socrates, but maybe the dictum referred to above has had some …more

Sports Day 2.0

Okay, it is actually our fourth Senior School Sports Day of the year, but it did seem like an upgrade …more

Sports Day V!

Yes, with each year having their own Sports Day this year we are quickly running out of punning headlines and …more

Good Sports!

It was the Third Years’ turn last Friday for the new-fangled Sports Day by Year and the boys and girls …more

A Different Class!

Unlike Maradona, the dearly departed maestro, Morton did not need the aid of ‘the hand of god’ to score a …more

Sports Daze!

Before we praise St. Conleth’s Head of Sport Mr. Smith’s first ever Sports Day, we must pay tribute to the …more

TY’s Epic Finish!

Transitioning between a normal school life and a much restricted Covid-complicated version was not the transition our Fourth Years envisioned, …more

Friends Reunited

Do you remember when people used to ‘visit’? As in people besides the ones whom you have seen every day …more

Bray Adventure!

What is the best thing to do when your students start drooping under the pressure of their Covid masks and …more

Back in Action!

Finally! Yes, the new gods have issued their decrees and the children can be children again! We have already seen …more

Peru: The Sequel!

Can it really be twenty years ago that Dr. Garrett Campbell, full-time Physics teacher and part-time adventurer, took a group …more

Junior PE is Busy!

Junior School PE has been rolling along for weeks, with Head of Junior PE Louis Magee keeping the pupils moving …more

Greta Loves Mr. Gahan!

But then again, who doesn’t? Our swashbuckling, surfboarding, golden-maned young English teacher (and alumnus) is a credit both to both …more

How West Won!

The cynic suspected that Gardner’s ‘multiple intelligences’ theory gained traction because we wanted to find something, anything that our kid …more

The Last Waltz?

‘Make hay as the sun shines’ the old adage goes, but at St. Conleth’s we also follow a more recent …more

Left Brain Activities!

Where would we be without the scientists and the statisticians during this Covid crisis? Why, in the pub, or enjoying …more

Badminton Anyone?

In the rough and tumble (if agriculturally prosperous) hinterland of County Tipperary, whence Mr. Lonergan proudly hails, there is only …more

Publish or Perish!

Transition Year Siobhán Fitzgerald is once again making waves with her poetry. Along with the works of several nationnally known established …more

A Valuable Legacy

The world has changed a lot since Thomas Stamp Tzvetkov left us thirteen years ago; and, lately, not for the …more

Good News Story!

With all this moaning and groaning about restrictions and our rather depressing obsession with ratting out covid non-compliers, we needed …more

Hands On?

After years of encouargemnet from Dora the Explorer and other education experts, we boomers finally got used to the idea …more


Mr. Lonergan is far from a high priest of the new religion of Covid Compliance, but like all staff at …more

Gaeilge Gravy!

We all know about the 10% ‘extra’ you get on the Leaving Certificate for completing your exams; the ten points …more

Cool Covid Cuts!

Lockdown has taught us many lessons; probably the most positive and important one is to cherish what is really important …more

Many Happy Returns!

We had almost full attendance, nigh 100%, throughout the Senior School this past Monday. We figure this rare feat was …more

Marvellous Maude!

After weeks, nay, months of baking, tasting, deliberating and speechifying by the First Year Form teachers, we finally have a …more

It’s All Greek to Them!

Just before the break, Classics V (and special guests) celebrated Easter and the Ancient Greek springtime festival of Anthesteria with …more

Move Over, Avoca!

Yes, the votes are in and the announcement of the winner is pending… but, meanwhile, have a look at the …more

And The Winner Is…

Two landmark competitions, as popular as any in the history of St. Conleth’s, have now run their course: Afterschool Director …more

Cúpla rudaí eile!

We did Múinteoir Quirke a disservice, not including him or his Irish class in our round-up of the Irish Department’s …more

Comórtas Ealaíne!

Visual Art speaks in every language, as we saw this past week when múinteoirí Ms. Fay and Ms. Dorman ran …more

Memorable Mutts!

And meows! The award ceremony for the ‘My Pet vs. Yours’ competition run by Afterschool Director Cecilia Franken is not …more

They’re Back!

Yes, we have finally banished the Zoom poltergeist and welcomed all our Juniors back to school… in the living flesh! …more

Galway Glic!

Mr. ÓDúlaing and Ms. Fay, noted hurlers from the banks of the Liffey and the Suir, respectively, may have met …more

Poc Fada Fun!

We imagine that in some Northern European countries, the enforced social distancing has not been as noticeable or lamented as …more

Dog Days of Lockdown?

Don’t just sit there moaning and flicking through ‘International Thrillers’ or “Heartwarming Family Dramas’ on Netflix! Grab a pet and …more

Giving it Socks!

In the second week of the ‘My Pet vs. Yours’ competition, Socks really ‘gave it socks’, but so did fellow …more


Yes, in some pursuits ‘how’ you do it, matters as much as what you do… ‘style’ does count! Here, Ms. …more

Home and Away!

Well, Summer Bay may still be out of reach, but No. 28 Clyde Road is within sight! In fact, our …more

Mind Full?

For the last year or so, most of us have had much less ‘to do’, at least, of the fun …more

Ah, Pet…

Like our children, most of the time, we all love our pets and we all think they are the best. …more

Local Legend

Actually, Mr. Kevin Kelleher, St. Conleth’s esteemed (and dearly missed) former headmaster and principal, is famous on a national and …more

About Those Mocks…

Word is just in from the Principal that the Leaving Certificate Mock Exams will just not be happening this year. …more

One Shining Moment!

January 8th, 2016. Covid can’t take away our memories or our hopes for the future. TY Eric Lawless recalls one …more

O, Jerusalema!

Ms. NíAonghusa and her all-star crew stepped up, did a little dance and made a little platonic but hip-shaking love …more

It Begins!

Ms. Cecilia Franken and her pet pals have issued the opening bark and me-ow: let the ‘My Pet vs. Yours’ …more

Pets, Get Ready!

Yes, the St. Conleth’s ‘My Pet vs. Yours’ Competition is about to start! Here are the competitors but don’t let …more

Art Avalanche!

Both the Junior and Senior School Art teachers are keeping me busy with an avalanche of art, produced by their …more

Class Stained Glass!

Junior School Art Teacher Ms. Mellon and her protégées completed this inspiring project weeks ago but we saved it to …more

Timea Nails It!

TY Timea Kovacs has been the most enthusiastic participator in PE Teacher Mr. Lonergan’s weekly fitness challenges. Here, we see …more

Provo Mocks!

These days, everything is ‘provisional’ so it should be no surprise that Exam Secretary Ms. NiAonghusa issues the following Leaving …more

DIY Art!

Who needs fancy, schmanzy (and expensive) materials from the art store at the mall? Especially when it is closed for …more

Beat that Batter!

Drum roll, or rapid whisking, please… The Great First Year Bake-Off Qualifiers from each form have been announced! Here they …more


Charles Crimmins (Class of 1990) is the man behind Crimmins Visual Communications and all the more impressive parts of this …more

Pop ArtisTrY!

Fifteen minutes seems an awful long time in these days of instant telegrams and snappy chatters but perhaps one of …more

Spring has Sprung!

Okay, the debate can continue regarding the actual starting dates of the seasons, but we will proudly continue with St. …more

Zoom Science!

One of the biggest losses during Conlethian Covid Contingencies has been the loss of the school laboratory: probably the single …more

More Mellon Monas!

We did Junior School Art Teacher Ms. Mellon a grave disservice by only including First Form in our report (scroll …more

Use the Forks!

Yes, the Great First Year Lockdown Bake-Off is officially open and our student contestants seem to be willing to employ …more

Afterschool Buffet!

Cecilia has topped her own already impressive record with a veritable cornucopia of at-home adventures for her After-School and Morning …more

Lockdown Louvre!

Ms. Orla Mellon is a famous artist in her own right (website) but the things she inspires our Junior School …more

Lost items

Any valuable items brought in to school should be separately insured under the family household insurance e.g. laptops or expensive …more

Lost items

It’s a Dog’s Life!

We were never actually certain whether this old saying was positive or negative in its connotations. Having had the opportunity …more

From a Distance…

One of the unexpected effects of this series of lockdowns is a tendency to be more tolerant of schmaltz. Easy …more

Last Christmas?

With Wham finally claiming their Christmas No. 1, we though it fitting to have one last look at Christmas at …more

A Great Sport!

While everyone else was well into their second flagon of eggnog, Director of Junior Sport and PE Louis Magee was …more

Too Cool for School!

St. Conleth’s has always been known as a bit of an ‘artsy’ school, and Ms. Halpin’s current crew of LC …more

Bon Appetit!

First of all, we need to get a few things straight: macaron- a confectionary made from a batter of ground …more

The Big Reveal!

Ms. Halpin’s Second Year Art Class really pushed the artistic and philosophical boundaries with their last project: Charcoal Reduction Drawings. …more

Use Your Noggin!

Did that gust of wind almost blow you back to Ballybrack? Are you freezing when you step outside in Firhouse? …more


An unintended positive outcome, even blessing, of this Covid year has been the opportunity provided to stop and take stock …more

The Debate Goes On!

We are spoiled at St. Conleth’s when it comes to debating: the All-Ireland and Leinster rolls of champions are filled …more

Art Matters!

Ms. Halpin’s First Year Art class decided to stop the moaning and think about something other than the Covid Blues. …more

Feeling TYred?

Well, you would be, too, after the week of full-on activities and adventures which the Transition Years enjoyed and endured …more

Every Cloud…

Yes, even the calamitous cloud of Covid has provided a silver lining for some: Netflix, knitting supply shops, the dog-pound, …more

Escaping the Void!

Of all the tall tales about our intrepid expedition leader, Gav Maguire, which have drifted back to leafy Clyde Road …more

To Boldy Go…

…where no First Class Teacher has gone before! First Class performed an important experiment in rocket propulsion in preparation for …more

Sweet Tweet!

Things can happen very quickly in the world of social media! Case in point: A fan (with no name but …more

Surfin’ Safari!

Mr. Smith and Mr. Coleman were like the Wilson Brothers last Friday on the Killiney Strand (they can fight over …more


Okay, we thought we had had our last scare, but we should have known that Dr. Cecilia Franken(stein) would have …more

Same Old Samhain!

Of course, Halloween blossomed as it always does, as surely as the coloured leaves fall in swirling eddies along Clyde …more


All this Covid paranoia floating through the air, or lying in wait on unsuspecting surfaces, has had some positive side …more

Halloween MMXX

The Halloween franchise of horror movies headed south after II but MMXX threatens to be the scariest of them all! …more

Soccer Stars!

Our legendary Headmaster Kevin Kelleher famously preferred the oblong ball to the round but his comments about soccer and its …more

Young Masters

Thankfully, the latest lockdown does not include the closing of schools, but even if the Covid czars deemed it necessary, …more

Covid Blues?

Yes, we are all singing that sad little song, but one way to change the tune is to understand the …more

Junior Art Offensive!

All our teachers are struggling a bit with covid regulations which restrict the movements and the materials which are so …more

TYs Paint their Brains!

St. Conleth’s Senior School Art Teacher Ms. Halpin is always pushing the boundaries, especially in her Transition Year art class, …more

Rockett Men!

Like twin Apollos (or Sputniks, if you are more that way inclined) the Rockett brothers have blazed across the artistic …more

2020: A Fine Vintage!*

Updated with more photos and destinations! Aside from seeing graduating students achieving their desired university places, one of the chief …more

Sportacus Redux!

Yes, afterschool sport is back at St. Conleth’s Senior School! Only rugby and hockey for now, but it a welcome …more

Prized Poetry!

Transition Year Siobhán Fitzgerald did not spend her lockdown gorging on the latest dark Danish Netflix sci-fi series. Okay… maybe …more

Jolly Hockey Sticks?

Ms. Leary, St. Conleth’s Junior Hockey Coach, makes Chuck Norris look like a wimp. The most notorious basic training regimen …more

Covid Coping!

Covid Coping in the Senior School: breaktime buddying, a class captain election dance and education al fresco in Herbert Park!

PE, not PPE!

It is time to get back to abbreviations that mean something fun… like PE! Ms. Coleman’s Fourth Class enjoyed a …more

The Summer Wind…

…came blowing’ in from across the sea, and blew away all concerns, of Covid 19. At least, for First Class …more

Juniors Roll With It!

At break-time, sometimes, the Juniors are literally rolling with it, as they, safely within their class ‘pods’, enjoy the fun-and-games …more

Junior School Menu!

Yes, the Senior School kids must wait a few more days (lovely sandwiches, in the meantime, for them!) but we …more

Welcome Back!

Yes, it is finally happening! Turn off the Netflix, try on the uniform and leave the dog in peace for …more

Citizen Sweeney

During the lockdown, the rest of us may have been lost in South Korean detective series or faithfully following the …more

See You on the Thames!

Lockdown loosens… random alumni encounters begin again! We ran into Daniel Gilligan (Class of 2016) and his lovely girlfriend, Aishling, …more

The Long Good-Bye!

We were getting a bit ahead of ourselves when we dramatically announced the end of Afterschool and Morning Club Programme …more

TYs Zoom Outta Here!

For a man who has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in flip-flops and has swum the mighty Ganges River in those French …more

Now, It Is Up To You!

Our After-School and Morning Club Programme Director, Cecilia Franken, has kept us all busy during the lockdown with her entertaining …more


Do you remember when everything bigger than us was ‘enormous’ or, even, ‘ginormous‘? When anything numbering more than ten was …more

Captains Consensus!

If there is one thing that we take seriously at St. Conleth’s, it is the election of our School Captain. …more

One More Chukka!

We will miss dearly all our Sixth Years, but one young man in particular has left a legacy of good …more

Bell Bottom Blues!

Actually, judging by the fervour with which our Junior School students are tackling their projects, the Covid lockdown is not …more

Art Avalanche!

You really should be careful of what you ask… as we learned when we innocently contacted Senior School Art teacher …more

To Infinity…and Beyond!

Junior School learning adventures continue despite the corona lockdown and, if anything, teachers and students are pushing the boundaries because …more

The Midas Touch!

If anyone has the ‘Midas touch’ it is Cecilia Franken, who runs our Afterschool and Morning Club programmes during normal …more

Move Over, George…

Yes, the mysterious and secretive ‘Uncrowned Emperor of Europe’ George Soros may have a whiff of the Sith about him …more

Take-Away Trifecta!

Can you handle a triple-shot of Afterschool/Morning Club Take-Away Hi-Jinks? There are three new postings below from Cecilia! 1) Dinosaur …more

Poetry in Numbers

In a cross-curricular Corona-coping coup, Mr. Kilcommons has combined Maths with… poetry? Yes, over the centuries various highfalutin’ mathematical types …more

Summer Exams 3.0!

**Slightly adjusted: small changes to the Fifth Year schedule, only** The times they are, indeed, a-changing, but here at St. …more


Introductory Statement  This policy aims at ensuring that a high-quality, comprehensive programme of Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) is delivered …more



Senior School Parents’ Association 2022-2023 First Year: Róisín Greene, Laura Hough Second Year: Ronan Kennedy, Ciara McMunn Third Year: Cliodhna Bourke, Catherine May, Ann Tynan, Sari …more


Staying Active!

With guidance from their remote but attentive teachers, our Junior and Preparatory School students are keeping their learning and imaginations …more

Masters of the Mandala!

Conlethians are keeping busy at home… especially Ms. Mellon’s Junior School Art Class. Over Easter they worked on mandalas using …more

Just Press Play!

Afterschool and Morning Club Director Cecilia Franken usually spends her Easter ‘break’ assisting the Easter Bunny make his deliveries in …more

Start Hoppin’!

Thankfully, the Easter Bunny has evaded the lockdown and is on his way. operating out of his summer home in …more

Fitness Challenge #2!

A ‘towering’ member of the PE Department just enjoyed a milestone birthday, but since this GDPR-protected person has such a …more

Remember When?

American baseball philosopher Yogi Berra once complained that ‘Nostalgia is not what it used to be.’ Well, it certainly isn’t …more

Drums Along The Dodder!

To prompt pleasant memories of when your younger family members were not always just standing there listlessly in front of …more

Corona News Squashed!

Yes, our school is temporarily closed… but we will try to lighten the mood by delving into the overflowing ‘In …more

School Closed

In compliance with government directive, St. Conleth’s College will remain completely closed until Monday, March 30th. The Principals of the …more


With plans afoot for a big, new STEM facility for St. Conleth’s, it is fitting that we have a whole …more

A-macing Debaters!

Rather serendipitous that Michael O’Dwyer (Class of 2010) was our special guest speaker at the PPU Dinner on the Friday …more

PPU… phew!

The good burghers of Greater Ballsbridge and Donnybrook hold their collective breaths every year on the last Friday of February …more

A Classy Reunion

St. Conleth’s PPU Dinners are always memorable affairs: well-attended, well-catered and well-lubricated… more raucous than retiring, a fact any residents …more

New York, New York!

The greatest city in the world is now going to host Ireland’s greatest Past Pupils Union! Following on our successful …more

STEM Story

St. Conleth’s next extension is going to be a STEAM Centre (more on that later!) so it is only fitting …more

Poetry in Motion!

Conlethian fencing parents, Robert Smyth and Cahir Davitt, make quite a pair of ‘adjunct’ sports reporters: Robert with his faithful …more

Fusion Feasts!

As usual, Chef Mark is not hesitant to mix it up and get all fusiony in devising the weekly menu. …more

Indoor Army!

Fresh off their Cross Country success of a few weeks ago, Mr. Keenan and his ever-growing Athletics Army was on the …more

Of Brigid and Conleth

With the usual ubiquitous and undulating showers of rain and a belated arrival of a minor polar vortex, this year …more

Full-On Offensive!

Conlethian Dad Robert Smyth has recently been rehired as our specialist fencing correspondent. Here he fills us in on another …more

Juniors Get Enabled!

Our After-School and Morning Club director Cecilia Franken has done it again! We have enjoyed the visiting chicks, butterflies, Gardaí …more

You Need a Noggin!

Did that gust of wing almost blow you back to Ballybrack? Are you freezing when you step outside in Firhouse? …more


Mr. Kilcommons and his Sixth Form enjoyed an exciting visit to the Microsoft Dreamspace where they imagined (and experienced) the …more

New Heights!

Those PE classes and after-school trainings sessions seem to be paying off regarding Junior School basketball as, for the first …more

Maths Night Out!

Last Friday night, all the coolest clubs and hippest bars around the city were strangely silent for the start of …more


Do you remember making paper airplanes in class, instead of listening to your teacher? Mr. Morris’s First Year STEM Club …more

STEM Erratum

Young Scientist double award winner Cúan Moore does not make mistakes but apparently we do: Cúan did indeed win the …more

STEM Star!

Continuing a Conlethian tradition started by the Zorin brothers years ago, First Year Cúan Moore has won an award, in …more

No Holiday For Fencer!

Yes, we enjoyed two weeks of relatively low key lesson planning and curriculum development over the Christmas break, but not …more

All in the Mind!

Julien Porzadny does double duty at St. Conleth’s: he is half of our dynamic duo of French teachers (along with …more

Simple but Spectacular!

After the highfalutin drama, dance and comedy of Aladdin, it was back to basics with the Preparatory School’s version of the Nativity …more

Christmas Geniuses!

The Preparatory School took care of the original Christmas story but the older Junior School classes got a bit ‘edgy’ …more

Faith and Fun!

In less than a week, St. Conleth’s took part in two school-wide events, each of which conveyed a different but …more

The Rooks’ Return!

We have been neglecting a recent mainstay in St. Conleth’s sporting news: Chess. Yes, we compete and win in many …more

Hearty Bucks!

When the wind whips away that umbrella with gusto, the sleety rain ‘falls’ sideways into your face and the cyclists …more

Salad Days?

After last week’s Thanksgiving Feast, and in preparation for the yuletide excesses to come, we recommend (especially to the older …more

Happy Black Friday Eve!

The pilgrim fathers (despite their rabid anti-catholicism) would be thrilled to sees the celebration of  the anniversary of his extraordinary …more

Off the Fence!

As with Jose Mourinho, we knew Luke Sherlock would not stay on the sidelines for too long! Luke has ended …more

Top of their Class!

We know we punch above our weight in rugby and hockey and the recent runs by our basketball teams is certainly …more

Turkey Time!

Of all the cultural imports from America, surely Thanksgiving is the most welcome. A holiday that celebrates diversity and community? …more


No, that is not a secret code but the shortest way to announce that the Senior School Parents’ Association is …more

To the Rostra!

‘St. Conleth’s and Debating’ go together like ‘Germany and efficiency’, ‘Brazil and soccer’ and ‘America and freedom’… and our sprightly …more

The Write Stuff!

Our Juniors have The Write Stuff! Jamie Fanning was ‘Highly Commended’ in a recent AIJS handwriting competition… continuing our traditional …more

Fun in the Foliage!

Let’s just admit it: the unrelenting rain, gloom and puddle-splashing cyclists of the last few weeks have brought us to …more

Juniors Jump for Joy!

The Junior School also celebrated Health Week with both style and substance as Mr. Kilcommons and the other teachers planned …more

Health Year!

Health Week may be over but that does not mean that healthy eating stops at St. Conleth’s. See Chef Mark’s …more

On the Offensive!

On the offensive! Conlethian swordsman continue to win plaudits and trophies! Claudio Sosa took Bronze in the Irish Open at …more

What’s Going On?

We try hard to keerp you up-to-date with our ‘Events’ listings (to the right) but it is also useful to …more

STEM Stars!

Will a new STEM Star arise at St. Conleth’s? Will we finally have an R-12 series droid? Well, grab your …more

Gotta Love a… TYer!

In the old country, ‘Gotta Love a Trier’ is one of those ambivalent sayings: a double-edged sword, a backhanded compliment… …more

Maths Week Unlimited

Like a repeating decimal, Maths Week at St. Conleth’s just refuses to die! At our Halloween Assembly, Ms. NiAonghusa presented …more

Spooks and Scholars!

Here at St. Conleth’s, we pride ourselves on the ways in which the Junior and Senior Schools interact. We think …more

A Soirée to Remember!

Ms. Fay, our stylish musical maestra, and Seamus Gallagher, our agent to current and future recording stars, pulled out all …more

Rabid Rabbit Rubbers!

Cecilia, our Morning Cub and After-School Director, is at it again! The butterflies have flown but the rabbits have arrived …more

Fencing Phenom!

It appears that we have a new budding fencing champion in St Conleth’s. Michael Davitt (3rd Form) competed in his first …more

Did I See You at Ascot?

We have been a bit preoccupied with the impending release of our St. Conleth’s 80th Anniversary Quinquennial, but now that …more

On the Road Again!

Intrepid explorer Gav Maguire is at it again! Like an aged country and western singer desperately trying to keep the …more

Blood Brothers!

There are not too many sports where competitors separated by 47 years (a rough estimate!) can face off against each …more

Return of the Kings

You know we can’t resist a LOTR reference, but the ‘kings’ in this case do not (yet) possess any sovereign …more

Menu Della Settimana

Chefs Mark and Emerson are again at their cosmopolitan best! This week we have dishes from Spain and France, as …more

I, Claudio…

Like his Roman Emperor near-namesake, Claudio is no slouch with the academic books, but unlike the bumbling, stumbling Claudius, our …more

Soup’s On!

And so is the salad… and the pasta… and the sandwich made to order. This week’s canteen menu: PDF to …more

Good and Tired!

It is a phrase of which you do not hear much anymore… after all, is it not oxymoronic? Good and …more

Happy 80th Birthday!

Just by chance yesterday, at about noontime, a woman and toddler were walking down Clyde Road and, when they came …more

First Daze!

The TYs’ summer officially ends on Thursday at 11:00 but all the other years and classes have already taken that …more

Of Points and Plans

There is nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition, especially when the end result is a shared victory.  On …more

Great Sports!

Yes, it is only early July but we bet the kids are already starting to annoy you… So, if you …more

The Golden Sword!

Past Pupil Philip Lee (Class of 1975) has become Ireland’s first ever European Champion in fencing! He won the European …more


Books are available from the suppliers listed below or any local school book supplier. Eason 40 O’Connell Street Lower, Dublin …more


Last Looks…

Our former Sixth Forms are probably in the full swing of summer by now but if they (or their parents) …more

Beam Us Up, Simon!

The USS Enterprise’s loss has certainly been our gain. Since his arrival at St. Conleth’s on Stardate 96268.25, Ensign Simon …more

And The Winner is…

Mr. ODulaing avoided any wardrobe malfunctions and Oscars-style misadventures at the Annual Awards Assembly and, aided by the ivory-tinkling of Sam …more

Dog Day After-Break

St. Conleth’s is going to the dogs! The Junior School recently celebrated its ‘Take your Dog (or Guinea Pig) to …more

Art Matters!

We have a proud tradition of being an ‘artsy’ school and it seems like that legacy will continue! Our art …more


We have outsourced much of our video production to a more talented (vastly!) and cheaper (free!) operative, namely new Vice …more

Cars and Girls

Did we take the wrong turn somewhere in the late 60’s, when Brian Wilson retreated to his room and stopped singing …more

Leinster Lions!

Many schools send their athletes to the East Leinster’s Athletics Championships (or the North, etc…) but we take pride in …more

Stylish Swansong

You will have to wait a bit longer for the full array of news, photos and video highlights from Graduation …more

How Are We Doin’?

A few months back we enjoyed a ‘whole-school’ inspection and the Department of Education will soon be publishing its findings …more

Sail Ahoy!

First Year Russell Bolger spent a gruelling four days racing at the trials for the Irish Optimist Sailing teams at …more

Everybody Do Your Share!

We actually find Barney the Purple Dinosaur even more inspirational than Hillary Clinton, particularly his little ditty about taking care …more

To Protect and To Serve

St. Conleth’s After and Pre-School Czar Cecilia welcomed An Garda Síochána to St. Conleth’s and the Juniors got so excited …more

Summer Exams

We have been warned that we should deliver such an important item of news as the Summer Exam Schedule without …more

The Last Fence

Yes, our Conlethian contingent of debonair duellists did approach their last ‘fence’ of the season but unlike the figurative horse, …more

Power Lunch

Past Past Pupils Union President Donal Milmo-Penny and Current PPU Pres John Carvill organised the first ever St. Conleth’s Business …more

Rhythm is a Dancer

Junior School Principal Tony Kilcommons’s recreational activities have been assumed to consist mostly of the traditional, robust sports and agricultural …more

Tennis, Anyone?

The Senior School hockey, rugby and basketball teams have thrilled us with their multiple finals and semi-finals and their efforts …more

Relatively Recent History

Apologies for not posting this sooner, but the combined Junior and Senior School Parents Association produced a fantastic newsletter back …more

Absorbing the Hits

Apparently, when Mr. Trenier heard that his Transition Years were organising a fundraiser for the Irish Wheelchair Association he mistakenly …more

Zorro Strikes Again!

Third Year Claudio Sosa has once again established his credentials as one of the best fencers in Ireland: notice, we …more

Health 2.0

Health Week at St. Conleth’s wrapped up with an Aware talk on mental resilience by GAA legend Kevin McManamon (he …more

Fratres in Armis!

Parent Robert Smyth mixes two noble professions, fencing and Latin, long associated with St. Conleth’s, in his latest report from …more

Out On a High Note!

As always, our Spring Semester ended on a high note, with our Annual School Concert filling the Performance Hall with …more

Ready, Steady…Go!

St. Conleth’s hosted another very successful AIJS Athletics Championships last week at Irishtown Stadium and, this time, we even won …more

Bon Appetit!

Ms. Crowley’s Second Years completed their research on the regions of France and then served up some of the local …more

Sci’s the Limit!

Mr. Callaghan led a merry band of First and Second Years to SciFest where two teams topped their groups and …more

Fast… As You Can!

Whether it is Yom Kippur, Ramadan or good, old-fashioned Lent, fasting is intertwined with religious practice. It is a link …more

Bling, Bling!

Yes, the rugby boys had their heavy metal year in 2016, when they added a treble of trophies to that …more

Grand Designs!

Somewhere back in the mists of time, not long after the Norman invasion itself, Mr. Peter Gallagher inaugurated a Castle-building …more

A Golden Year!

We have made the comparisons before and we stand by them: the 2018-2019 First Year Rugby is so good that …more

Science is Just a Blast!

Last September, Mr. Trenier started the Junior School After-School Science and Maths Clubs and they have been going like gangbusters …more

Orals and Practicals!

Never mind the fake news that has been floating around the place, the following is straight from Ms. Killen, which …more

Negotiating the Minefield

Anyone with teenagers can attest to the difficulties involved in discussing the ‘big’ issues in life, and the preponderance of …more

Gang Gaeilge!

During Seachtain na Gaeilge even a school which lies at the top of Waterloo and Wellington Roads comes out ‘all Irish’! …more

The Peace Child Wows Them!

For One Night Only! Last Thursday night, the Junior School Musical, ‘The Peace Child’, premiered in our stately Performance Hall, …more

Start Your Theatrics!

Our Second Years are often accused of being a bit ‘dramatic’, even ‘histrionic’: something about this age group makes them …more

End of an Era

The 2019 SCT bowed out nobly in the Leinster Schools McMullen Senior Cup Semifinal versus Gormanston College this past week. …more

Let Us Eat Cake!

To be honest, for all the lawyers, doctors and engineers we churn out of this place, it is not like …more

Citizen Cyclists

Next time a flash of spandex, go-pro and attitude nearly takes you out as you innocently step from the path… …more

Fifth Form Adventures

With all this hockey hullabaloo we have been a bit neglectful of our other newsmakers, particularly our little Conlethian brothers …more

Goin’ County!

Historically, St. Conleth’s is traditionally associated with sports that may be described as particularly ballsbidgy or even ‘mock-ascendancy’: we excel …more

Leinster Champions!

They have done it! It was a happy, historic hockey happening for St. Conleth’s, as the whole school downed tools …more

Into The Final!

Our Minor Hockey Girls are into the Leinster Final! A first in Hockey for St. Conleth’s. They beat Dundalk Grammar …more

Myles Better!

Junior School fencer Myles Moriarty-Smyth ventured to Scotland last weekend to fence in the Edinburgh stage of this season’s  Leon Paul …more

Hockey Hoopla!

Our Minor Hockey Girls Team is through to Leinster Semifinal! This historic hockey happening will take place on Friday vs. …more

Two Wheels Good!

Now, that’s a real ‘pick and roll’! TYs enjoyed a day of sporting fun with a social dimension as they …more

Carvill Takes Control

So, this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause. Yes, the count has receded into the shadows and the chancellor …more

Rain or Shine…

…our Junior School Art Classes have a good time! Ms. Mellon somehow regularly gathers the anarchic energy of our Junior …more

Hockey Hits New Heights!

Our Minors won a thrilling penalty shoot-out over Mount Anville in the Quaterfinals of the Leinster’s. Head Coach Ms. Speller …more

The Debate is Over…

…and the motion has been carried:  “That this House declares St. Conleth’s to be the greatest debating school in the …more

Balling with the Best!

Another busy Conlethian international sportsman!   TY Luke Gilleran recently travelled with the Irish Basketball U17 Development squad to an …more

The Third Triumvirate?

As the gentleman involved here know well, there have only been two notable triumvirates in all of European history: those …more

Chicks Impressed By Chess Teams!

Yes, maybe it was just the shine off the trophies, but our little chicks did seem awfully impressed by our returning chess teams. Mr. Kilcommons, himself, give us the details.

Second Formers: Action Kids!

Mr. O’Brien and his Second Form certainly put all that new-fangled ‘co-operative learning’ and ‘kinetic intelligence’ into practice, and they …more

Hockey Hysteria!

Don’t tell Gav but the word on the DART, in the queues at D-Brook Fair and at the pilates and …more

A Vital Ingredient!

Student involvement in a school is obviously essential: if no students show up for school, we would soon be re-assigned …more

It’s a Long Way…

… to Tipperary, indeed, but the likely lads (and lady) seen below, who accompanied Ms. Sheppard and Mr. Carvill on a …more

World Class!

Fencing has been part of St. Conleth’s since the very beginning and regular readers would know how active and successful …more

Of Bankers and Buskers!

When you think ‘banker’ perhaps you think of the little moneybag grabbing Monopoly caricature… or, perhaps, some of the individual …more

Johnny, Do You Want Them Back?

Magic Boots!  Below you see our winners in the Junior School’s  aforementioned  ‘Johnny Sexton Legendary Drop Goal Boots Competition’.  Maybe Johnny …more

Power Sharing

Well, it has not worked to well up north recently, but at St. Conleth’s we are firm believers in ‘power-sharing’. …more

Lucky Boots!

Where were you when it happened?  Yes, when you are old and grey and the memories are starting to fade there …more

Know Your Limits!

Is Kamran Roseingrave-Salim the Olivier Giroud of Maths competitions?  Like the wonderfully whiskered Frenchman, Kamran and his ‘B Team’ cohorts …more

Cross Country Army!

Mr. Keenan does not do things by halves: when we say that sport at St. Conleth’s is all about participation, …more

A Thousand Words…

…is the supposed value of a picture but the frequent visitor to these pages knows that we often throw in …more

They’re (almost) Here!

Every great work needs its prequel!  Just click below for the full timetable for this year’s Junior and Leaving Certificate …more

SCT Hang Tough!

Our First Year Rugby team is making history with their season-long unbeaten run and our JCT recently joined the party …more

Hockey Happenings

It is getting rather repetitive reporting on hockey victories, such is the run of success currently being enjoyed by both …more

STEM Explorers!

Mr. Callaghan and his STEM staff sidekicks bravely took on the onerous task of leading three full years of Conlethians …more

Holiday Hoop News!

We already know that our U19 boys basketball team have continued their winning ways under Coaches Ingle and Gahan and …more

The So-Young Quartet!

Everyone knows that Conlethians are the coolest of cats and that 28 Clyde Road is hipster heaven but last Friday we …more

Christmas Crooners!

The Senior School Choir is at the heart of everything that we do musically  at St. Conleth’s- in fact, it …more

Christmas Cheerers!

At this time of year, much is bandied about about ‘The True Meaning of Christmas’.  We certainly do not claim …more

Party Time in After School!

Cecilia Franken, St. Conleth’s After-School Programme Co-Ordinator, knows how to throw a party! DJ, dancing, disco lights, limbo bar and …more

True Believers!

The first miracle of this Christmas season was Music Teacher Emer Hartnett’s almost unbelievable accomplishment of organising and executing the Junior School …more

Ballsbridge Fair

A TYer reports on their super-successful Christmas Fair (in partnership with Parents Association): The TY Christmas tree fair all started …more

Culture Vultures!

Long ago, Mrs. Patricia Kelleher initiated what has become a beloved Conlethian tradition: the Sheppard-Kelleher family invites Sixth Years out …more

A Conleth’s Christmas!

The Annual St. Conleth’s Traditional Christmas Fair is being held this year on Saturday, December 8th from 9.30-4pm. As well …more

The Write Stuff!

Masters of an almost lost Art!  Two of our Juniors have won ‘Highly Commended’ awards in the AIJS Handwriting Competition. …more

Christmas for Everyone!

With Black Thursdays, Cyber Mondays and various other promotions and mercantile devotions, it is easy to get all ‘wrapped up’ …more

Chessmen Return!

For too long we have let the fencers, the debaters  and the hockey and rugby players dominate the headlines:  we all …more

Please Speak Up!

Actually, it is quite a rare occurrence that a St. Conleth’s teacher needs to ask students to ‘speak up’: it …more

Hi-Tech Marvels!

The Junior School Parent Association has once again enabled us to stay on the cutting edge of technology.  Nevermind those …more

Ouch! My Astigmatism!

Actually, we are not exactly sure where on our body we are suffering from said condition, but the winning contestants …more

Our Chivalric Heroes!

Well, technically they do not actually compete on horses (yet), but our young fencing heroes do display all the necessary …more

Maths: It All Adds Up!

A few years ago,  a research report commissioned by UNESCO/UNICEF/The Illuminati found that Ireland’s schools were lagging behind the international …more

Rugby Teams Roll On!

Winning is obviously infectious.  Our First Year Rugby Team continued its record-setting start to the season with a blitz win at …more

Our Own Little Zorro?

In the dark times of Spanish Colonial administration of California, a masked hero emerged from the shadows of the Los …more

Sisters in Arms!

The St. Conleth’s Hockey Machine keeps rolling!  You have already read about our Minor team’s stunning early season success.  Now …more

A New Dynasty?

Will the Class of 2024 SCT rival the of the legendary, record-setting team of 2016? Well, the First Year rugby …more

Good Grief, Greif!

Are you sure that is safe?  Yes, we know we have molly-coddled our kids to the point where they risk …more

Together, We Are More!

Think of any of your favourite Power Rangers’ tagline and they all seem to apply here: Together, We Are More!;  Back …more

Batter Up!

The members of the PE Department at St. Conleth’s are actually rather open-minded and experimental for a bunch of jocks. …more

The Invincibles

Our Minor Hockey Girls are on a roll! Now 2-0, after beating Our Lady’s- Terenure 5-0. They have scored 10 …more

Over The Next Fence!

Another term, another fencing season….  This year the blade bar has been upped: James Moriarty-Smyth and Claudio Sosa, having been selected …more

Style and Substance

We expected nattily dressed gentlemen and girls in gorgeous gowns and we were certainly knocked out with the style, but we …more

Conlethians, Assemble!

Principal Donal ODulaing and School Captain Tomas Clancy led the first Senior School assembly of the year, but there was …more

What are Those?

The dearly departed, and sorely missed, Mr. Bolger was known for his collection of shoes.  (Have no fear: he has …more


School Self Evaluation is a very important process which we undertake each year and it is an integral part of …more

All in the Name of Science!

Mr. Kilcommons is running a lucrative side-business at St. Conleth’s: providing unwitting subjects for scientific research.  Some might question the …more

No Magic Bullets…

Even School Captain emeritus Harry Mansfield, who very soon will be handling real ammunition as a Defence Forces Officer Cadet, …more

Chrome Book Heaven

That long-awaited new album by Gary Numan?  No, it is simply where we are living nowadays at St. Conleth’s, as …more

And They’re Off!

Sings of the change in seasons: shorter evenings, darker mornings, leaf fall… and Conlethian fencing triumphs!  After a short summer …more

A Walk on the Wild Side

We have cultivated, nay, invented a good-natured competition regarding our Past Pupil accomplishments: Who has been more influential, the STEM-siders …more

Settling In…

It did not take long for our First Year Boys and Girls to find a suitable and satisfying place at …more

First Daze!

Actually, the students did not look dazed at all, hitting the ground running on their first day of the new …more

Eskimo Supreme?

For a relatively small school, St. Conleth’s punches far above its weight in many areas, including alumni accomplishment.  You have …more

Stop Doodling, Jack!

Yes, we ourselves were guilty of occasionally shouting that at Jack Siggins (Class of 2009) back when he was in …more

Back to School???

In this splendid summer weather it is almost a sin to mention those three words beloved of advertisers (and, sometimes, …more

And They’re Off!

The St. Conleth’s East Africa Expedition 2018 has landed in Djibouti! Troll through our news from the last few years …more

The Last Fence?

You knew the fencers would not give up the headlines to all that graduation hullabaloo without a fight.  Two fencing …more

And the Winner is…

…everybody!  Well, considering how beautifully Graduation Night went last Friday, everybody was a winner and it is almost a shame …more

A Fond Farewell!

The new Performance Space provided the perfect warm and cosy setting for the fitting finale to the Graduating Class of 2018’s …more

Nicholas Makes Metros!

Congratulations to Nicholas Cunningham Ash on making the U16 Leinster Metro Rugby squad for 2018/19.There were over 500 rugby players (including …more

Total Football!

Things did not look good for the Staff Team in the moments leading up to kick-off.  Yes, we had retained …more

Great Sports!

The exodus from one side of Dublin 4 to the other began at break-time, and though we lost a few …more


The deck was stacked against the Staff basketball team from the start.  The Sixth Years (the Man City of schools …more

Project: Maths!

All this recent falafel about art, music and cooking has annoyed the STEM lords and stirred them to action!  You …more

La Grand Finale!

We bestow the title of ‘TY Masterchef Français’ as carefully as the Americans choose a president so it should be …more

Rara Avis!

Or should we say rarae aves? Our First Years do not need much to get them excited so when a real, …more

Art Matters!

Everywhere you look in St. Conleth’s, there is art: from Junior Infants to Sixth Years, each class and year seems …more

Master Chef, Français!

When the Dynamique Duo of the French Department, Ms. Crowley and Mr. Porzadny, sat down to discuss what innovative/interactive/’make your …more

By Sea and By Land!

Yes, like the Royal Marines, our Junior School Conlethians are successful on all fronts and in all environments!   Russell Bolger …more


It is all about the abbreviations these days in education… and you probably have not yet even heard about the …more

The Home of Debate

We were already the ‘home of debate’ in the way that Brazil is the home of football but with John …more

Fraternité and Fun!

Well, not quite, as both Transition Year and Fifth Form are now co-educational, but 1/3 of the French national motto …more

Holy Steps!

The front steps of 28 Clyde Road have always been a favourite spot for the photographic capture of significant moments …more

TYs, By the Seaside!

Cross-curricular was the name of the game as our TYs united under the flags of Chemistry and Geography, and the …more


Two teams from the Junior School represented the school in the AIJS Table Quiz  hosted by St. Gerard’s JS.  It …more

Tennis, Anyone?

Nestled as we are between the shadow-dappled courts of Herbert Park and the power and prestige of the Fitzwilliam Lawn …more

Girl Power!

Yes, we all enthusiastically welcomed the arrival of full co-education a couple of years ago and, yes, we knew that …more

Ready, Steady…. Go!

The ubiquitous Tony Barry once famously competed in all seven events at an athletics meet,  a couple of which for …more

La Vie en Rose!

Mr. Porzadny took Transition Year to see the French Film “Le voyage de Fanny” at the IFI. They also enjoyed …more

Screen Safer!

Do you remember this? 1,2,3,4,5,6, Safe Cross Code/Remember, one, look for a safe place/  two, don’t hurry, stop and wait…. …more

Serve’s Up!

The Senior School basketball and hockey teams have thrilled us with their multiple finals and semi-finals and their efforts have …more

Career Opportunities

Our dedicated Guidance Counsellor Anne Ryan organises an endless stream of visitors, from universities near and far, who speak to …more


The St. Conleth’s U16 Boys Basketball Team torched Blackrock College in the Semifinals and then steamrolled St. Andrew’s in the …more

Their Next Holy Step!

There is ample evidence in these pages that we attend to the bodies and brains of our students,  but authorities no less …more


Yes, we dare compare the heroics of Lonergan, Trenier, Weatherley, Mansfield and Steyn with the triumphant return of Armstrong, Aldrin …more

School Closed: Wed.-Fri.

St. Conleth’s College, both Junior and Senior Schools will be closed Wednesday- Friday, 28/2-2/3, by order of the Department of …more

School Closed: Wed.-Fri.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Conlethians are famously (and sometimes, infamously) able to express themselves rhetorically, with a good deal of confidence, and usually a …more